[Locusview in Utility Magazine] How to enhance your network safety using improved GIS data

Locusview’s easy-to-use digital construction mobile application (Locusview Mobile) enables field crews to create high accuracy paperless as-constructed records, whilst also providing improved compliance, visibility and traceability. This not only removes manual drawing and data entry but also validates that the data is complete and accurate. Importantly, Locusview’s philosophy of “field crews first” promotes positive take up and improved use in the field.

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[NanoLock in PR Newswire] Genus Power and NanoLock Security Partner to Secure Smart Meters and Prevent Utility Cyberattacks and Fraud

NanoLock’s device-level solution brings cyber protection and management to India’s largest smart metering infrastructure provider, Genus Power and its customers, to protect utilities and smart city customers against cyberattacks, while reducing operational costs and securing revenue lost to fraud and theft.

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[MeMed in GlobeNewsWire] Prospective Study Finds Potential Utility of MeMed’s Host Immune Technology for Personalizing Treatment of Severe COVID-19 Patients

Researchers at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center (comprised of Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals) in collaboration with MeMed, have published prospective data on the potential utility of the analysis of IP-10, a host immune biomarker, in managing the care and treatment of patients with severe COVID-19 infection.

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Utility Iberdrola Seeks Technological Solutions To Protect Birds On Electricity Grids

Iberdrola currently maintains more than 1.1 million km of electricity transmission and distribution power lines, distributed throughout the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Spain. More than 4.400 high to medium voltage substations, and more than 1.5 million medium to low voltage distribution transformers, provide high quality and reliable service to a total of 31 million electricity supply points.

In its effort to minimize the impact of power lines on birds, Iberdrola is launching a new Startup Challenge in search of innovative solutions to enable sustainable coexistence.

How Birds Are Affected By Power Lines

The structure and location of power transmission infrastructure include electricity pylons — essential elements for the transmission and distribution of electrical power. These act as the perfect vantage points for birds in search of rest and food. Birdlife faces the risk of electrocution simply by perching on these lines. Moreover, overhead cables can obstruct their flight path, leading to a loss of biodiversity and occasionally poses the risk of a fire hazard.

For this reason, Iberdrola is working to improve upon existing solutions that enhance bird protections. In addition, they also seek solutions that allow more sustainable management of vegetation.

Who Should Apply

The Iberdrola Startup Challenge is looking for solutions that address the following key areas identified for innovative interventions to enable the sustainable development of the energy utility sectors:

  • Technology-driven solutions that prevent bird electrocution
  • Technology-driven solutions that prevent bird and infrastructure collisions
  • Technical solutions that incorporate durable materials to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the power lines
  • Solutions that allow more sustainable management of vegetation

Why Your Startup Should Apply

Gain Access To Iberdrola’s Ecosystem

  • Access market know-how
  • Access key technologies
  • Gain a single point of contact

Demonstrate Your Solutions Through Pilot Programs

  • Access large volumes of real-world data
  • Test your technology in a real environment
  • Potentially scale your solution into Iberdrola’s networks & infrastructure

In addition, PERSEO may decide to invest in your solution.

The Startup Challenge & Timeline

Application Deadline: 13 July 2020

Proposals Analysis: July – September 2020

The proposal will be scrutinized based on the following criteria:

  • The scalability of your solution
  • The compatibility of its design for electrical installations
  • The suitability of the materials used

All startup applications will be analyzed by experts in the medium voltage (MV) networks and sustainability from the different regions.

Pilot Project Starts: October 2020 – March 2021

The project will be implemented in collaboration with specialist technicians from the Iberdrola network.

Leading The Charge To Develop Sustainable Energy Innovations

The Iberdrola – PERSEO International Startup Program aims to facilitate the group’s access to the technologies of the future & promote the creation of a global and dynamic ecosystem of technology companies and entrepreneurs in the electricity sector. Its key objectives are:

  • Early identification of key trends for the future of the company
  • Access to groundbreaking technologies and business models
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial activity

With PERSEO, the Iberdrola group actively seeks innovative solutions that enable improvements to its operations and minimize its environmental footprint.

The most recent challenge, Protecting Marine Mammals, which was launched in April, seeks technologies to monitor marine mammals and to preserve animal life in the ecosystem of the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm.

In 2019, the group organized two Startup Challenges. The first challenge, Resilience to Natural Disasters, received 148 proposals from 131 companies in 24 countries. The winner, Swedish startup Skyqraft, presented a proposal for facility supervision using drones. The second challenge, Photovoltaic Cleaning, received 74 proposals from 70 startups in 25 countries, and four winners were announced.

Apply for the Birdlife Protection Challenge by 13 July to pilot test your solution with the industry leader!




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One Utility Bill secures €1.9 million investment

Newcastle-based startup One Utility Bill, which specialises in consolidating household bills, has closed a €1.9 million funding round led by the venture capital business of the Dow Schofield Watts group DSW Angels. The round, which was also participated in by existing investor North East Innovation Fund, supported by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Northstar Ventures.

Founded in 2014 by CEO Chris Dawson and CTO Dale Knight, One Utility Bill consolidates household bills into a monthly payment, which can be split equally between housemates. The new investment will be used to enhance both the consumer and business-partner propositions as well as develop its technical capability and new features.

Co-founder Chris Dawson commented: “The last few years have been incredibly exciting for us. This new investment will enable us to further build a stable and scalable platform for growth. Our customer-first approach means that people trust us and come back year after year. We now serve thousands of students, young professionals, families and others with our all-in-one service. Dale and I are excited about the next stage of growth.”

Keith Benson, founding partner of DSW Angels, added: “We are very excited by the opportunity to work with Chris, Dale and the team. They run a great business with the capability and – following this investment – the capital to significantly outperform competitors. During the ongoing crisis, the team have performed brilliantly – their resilience and capability continues to impress. This is the largest fundraise in our short history and the fact that we were oversubscribed was testament to their credibility and the strength of the business they have created.”


Multinational Utility Iberdrola Seeks Object Detection Solutions For Specific Use Case

Street lighting accounts for around 15% of the energy identified in Iberdrola’s plan to reduce network losses in Brazil. In some cases, even before a new allotment, light bulbs are already installed without being registered in the maintenance database. Likewise, telephone and pay-TV cables from telecommunications operators are installed by default on the distributor’s posts without the distributor receiving the appropriate sharing fees.

Iberdrola is, therefore, looking for solutions to update their database regularly and quickly by means of computer software, in order to improve infrastructure maintenance and reduce network energy losses. For example, via proposals that autonomously detect public lighting points and validate them using technologies such as deep learning, e.g. geotagging, object detection (CNNs), and more.

This situation is recurrent in Brazil, particularly in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte, which is why the winning solution will be tested there. However, it may also be used in other regions and for other of the group’s assets.

Is this Challenge for you?

  • The detection method should use external databases, as well as data and georeferencing of the Iberdrola’s street lights.
  • The images or data used for identification must be updated regularly.
  • The process must be automatic and work with hardly any human intervention.
  • It must meet the criteria of efficiency, serviceability, scalability, and reproducibility.

What’s in it for you?

Pilot Project

Iberdrola will bear the costs and will give the winner of the challenge technical support to test their solution on installations pertaining to the Network subsidiary, providing access to the necessary resources to evaluate it (equipment, teams, infrastructure, high-tech positioning, co-working areas, etc.).

New Clients & Investors

If the pilot is successful, the company will incorporate the solution into its portfolio of suppliers to improve the operability and maintenance of its databases. Perseo (Iberdrola’s VC arm) may also consider investing in the project.

Business Scalability

The winning technology could be scalable to other business areas in the group and other network assets.

Get more information & apply by 16 March 2020 via the Iberdrola Startup Challenge Site!



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