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The third Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit at the end of October will take place in a new format this year combining online and offline communication due to the international pandemic, and will focus on the challenges and opportunities created by the COVID-19 crisis.

A major tech event, the UISS was first launched in Kyiv in 2018 in order to establish cooperation between Israel and the Ukraine in the area of innovation.

The conference, supported by both the Israeli and Ukrainian governments, will cover such topics as Ukrainian-Israeli cooperation during the pandemic, the transformation of the venture investing landscape, the creation of international access that can help to overcome the crisis, and the new normal of startup reality.

OurCrowd is excited to participate in this year’s important summit, coming on the heels of our own Pandemic Innovation Conference this past June which featured Israeli startups and breakthrough technologies addressing everything from prevention and cure, to social distancing and food supply in the era of COVID-19. The first global event dedicated to pandemic investment, almost 7,500 people from 108 countries attended our virtual conference.

The UIIS is a welcome initiative in the Ukrainian-Israeli business cooperation landscape, with nearly 40 Ukrainian businesses joining with Israeli partners in new business endeavors in recent years. In just the last three years, some 30 Israeli companies opened R&D centers in Ukraine


Congratulations are in order to the Global Israeli Initiative and JSCapital team and the other co-organizers for raising the Israeli-Ukrainian tech relationship to a new level.

After the last UIIS in November 2019, we invited Ukrainians to organize the Ukraine Tech Days pavilion at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020 in Jerusalem. Five IT-service companies—competitors, in fact—partnered under the initiative of Sigma Software in order to present Ukraine’s booming tech industry to Israeli businesses. Their booth drew a lot of attention from attendees and made hundreds of new business connections for its co-organizers, a great result.

This year, together with our Ukrainian friends, we’re organizing an OurCrowd panel discussion at the UIIS 2020. The speakers will share how they managed to team up, spark interest, and set an example for thousands of the summit attendees.

OurCrowd also looks forward to using UIIS to highlight next-generation Israeli innovations to an international audience.

Personally, I am honored to be a keynote speaker at the conference for the second time, and will be joining my fellow speakers online from my office in Jerusalem.


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Future of pharmacies: Ukrainian online medicine delivery startup Liki24 raises €4.21M to expand internationally

There are things few and far between, that cannot be ordered online. From groceries to appliances to even islands, you can buy almost anything. However, during the times of COVID-19, it wouldn’t be surprising if online sales of pharmaceutical products spiked. Procuring medicine online and getting it delivered home without waiting in line or risking going out now seems to be the future of pharmacy, and the latest investment in Kiev-based Liki24 reaffirms the same. 

Liki24 to expand its operations in Poland

In its latest round of funding, Liki24 raised a notable €4.21 million from Horizon Capital and existing investors. This is the third funding round for the company, after which, the total funding raised till now stands at €5.05 million. With fresh funding, the startup will expand its operations in Poland, its first international market. 

“Our business model proved to be successful in Ukraine, helping customers access more affordable medicines and convenient delivery,” says Anton Avrinsky, CEO and founder of Liki24. “This capital raise will enable us to expand our team as well as extend our winning model to the Polish market and finance further international expansion at a time when safe and rapid delivery of medication is critical to the wellbeing of society. Our mission is to help our clients source medicines and receive them faster, at cheaper prices, and with greater convenience.”

Aggregating offers from thousands of pharmacies

Liki24 was founded by Anton Avrinsky and launched back in late 2017. In three years of operation in its home country of Ukraine, the company has aggregated offers from thousands of pharmacies on its online platform. It addresses the three main pain points: price variation, limited availability, and lack of home delivery. After connecting over 5,000 pharmacies, and completing over 500,000 orders, the company is now expanding its operations internationally. 

The online medicine delivery platform is powered by a proprietary software system that integrates with a pharmacy’s ERPs. This results in instant analysis of medicine prices and availability, drawing up optimal routes for couriers and enabling rapid delivery to customers at affordable prices. Liki24 also played a crucial role during the coronavirus lockdown. It partnered with local logistics operators to offer free medicine delivery during the quarantine. 

Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO at Horizon Capital, says, “Horizon Capital is delighted to partner with Liki24 talented founders and join the Company’s impressive existing investor base. We look forward to contributing to the Company’s continued growth in the years ahead. Liki24 has an attractive mix of elements crucial for success, including strong founders with a bold vision, drive and demonstrated execution-ability, backed by a highly professional management team. Our investment in Lik24 is consistent with our focus on visionary founders with a clear expansion strategy who seek out a partnership with Horizon Capital to reach new heights.”

Image credits: Dou.ua

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