COVID-19: NCC Tasks Startups, Others on Digital Solutions, Pledges N9m to Bankroll Project – SundiataPost

COVID-19: NCC Tasks Startups, Others on Digital Solutions, Pledges N9m to Bankroll Project  SundiataPost
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Iberdrola Launches New Startup Challenge Seeking Innovative Wind Turbine Monitoring Solutions

The Iberdrola – PERSEO International Startup Program is aimed at facilitating the group’s access to the technologies of the future and promoting the creation and development of a global and dynamic ecosystem of technology companies and entrepreneurs of the electricity sector.

Through PERSEO, Iberdrola – the world leader in renewable energies – provides startups with its investor support and expertise, its base of 30 million supply points, and more than 52 GW of installed capacity. In this way, it contributes to developing and boosting an innovative corporate fabric in the energy sector.

This time, Iberdrola is looking for solutions that help in improving wind farm monitoring systems, with a special interest in solutions that can be implemented quickly, easily, and inexpensively across their older wind farms.

Improving Wind Turbine Monitoring

Wind turbine monitoring systems and its associated electrical infrastructure are a key factor in extending the useful life of the equipment, as they collect the large volumes of data to develop diagnostic and prognostic models. Moreover, such systems make it possible to transition from corrective or planned maintenance to maintenance schedules that are based on the condition of the equipment and the early detection of faults.

An essential part of these monitoring systems is sensors and a monitoring system to measure a variety of parameters associated with a turbine’s components. These sensors feed into the turbine control and alert system and the diagnostic systems. By collecting and analyzing data over time, certain patterns present themselves, providing opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations.

Why Your Startup Should Participate

The prize on offer for the challenge winner will consist of signing a collaboration and test agreement with PERSEO and/or with any other relevant Iberdrola group company. This will include:

  • Iberdrola will cover the costs of the collaboration and testing of the pilot project
  • Providing the winner with the necessary technical support to test the proposed solution, giving access to equipment, appliances, infrastructure, high technology sites, and joint work areas
  • Providing the winner with a real environment and real data to test the solution

If the pilot project is satisfactory, Iberdrola may offer startups or participants the opportunity to scale up the solution by means of commercial agreements.

In addition, Iberdrola’s investment arm PERSEO may consider investing in the challenge winner.

Who Should Apply For The Challenge

Individuals and teams are eligible to apply for the startup challenge.

Startups and proposals must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Innovative sensors and systems for monitoring the components of the drivetrain:
    • Both for the main bearing and multiplier
    • Vibration sensors
    • Axle torque measurement sensors
    • Accelerometers (including those that can go inside planetary gear trains in multipliers)
  • Wireless sensors for measuring gear tooth wear & more
  • Wireless acoustic sensors
  • Innovative systems for monitoring the breakage of components inside the rotor
  • Low-cost wireless sensors for measuring the temperature of rotor bearings
  • Low-cost wireless sensors for monitoring the structural behavior of foundations by capturing tilt, tension, and low-frequency vibrations (<100 Hz)

Leading The Development Of Sustainable Energy Technology

Most of the Iberdrola – PERSEO startup programs focus on technologies and business models that improve the sustainability of the energy model through increased electrification and decarbonization of the economy.

With PERSEO, Iberdrola promotes different startup challenges to find innovative solutions that provide valuable improvements to its operations and are also environmentally sustainable. The most recent challenge is the protection of birds on electricity grids, an international call in search of innovative solutions that allow coexistence between overhead lines and the surrounding fauna and flora.

To join Iberdrola’s Wind Turbine Monitoring Challenge, apply by 31 August!




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[Sixgill in AIThority] Sixgill Marries Complete ML Operations To IoT, Camera Data And Device Management, For Easy Edge AI Solutions Deployments In Sense 3.0

Sixgill, LLC, a leader in the Internet of Everything (IoE) data automation and authenticity products, announced the launch of Sense 3.0 to solve the increasing challenges faced by developers and enterprises trying to quickly create, train, deploy, and manage multiple Machine Learning (ML) projects leveraging camera and IoT data streams in edge, cloud, data center and hybrid deployments.

Read more here.

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Startups EP 19: Drones for agriculture: Startups deploy tech solutions to agricultural problems – TV360

Startups EP 19: Drones for agriculture: Startups deploy tech solutions to agricultural problems  TV360
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Budapest-based Barion just landed €2 million to expand its payment solutions further across Europe

European private equity firm Financial Services Capital Partners LLP has successfully led the €2 million Series B funding round of Barion Payment plc, a leading Hungarian fintech startup. The new funding wiill enable Barion to continue its expansion into additional European markets and bring to market innovative payment products and services.

Barion is one of Financial Services Capital’s first investments as part of its Enabling Technologies portfolio. Barion, established 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, provides electronic payment solutions: an online payment gateway and an electronic wallet. The fintech has achieved dynamic growth since its launch, and currently serves more than 7000 e-commerce partners in five countries (Austria, Czechia, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia), with its processing volume having tripled over the past year. Barion was listed among the 10 Hungary-based startups to watch out for in 2020 on EU-Startups this January. 

To date 2.3 million users have used Barion’s payment services, with total volume of transactions surpassing €300 million per year. The fintech plans further dynamic expansion in Central Europe and intends to launch a range of new services soon. Previously, Prague-based Home Credit Group, one of the largest personal finance providers in Europe also invested into Barion within the frameworks of a Series A investment round.

Financial Services Capital is a sector specific European private equity firm with a presence in London, Prague, Madrid, Vienna and Luxembourg. It leverages its team’s vast operational experience and proprietary technology solutions to create transformational value across financial services portfolio companies.


IoT solutions are enabling physical distancing

If you’re a business owner or investor and are wondering about the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business world, you’re not alone.

Today’s business leaders have been plunged into the deep end of telecommuting with little notice, and the way we do business has been impacted at almost every level. Travel is restricted, meetings are virtual and delivery of goods and even raw materials is being delayed. While some industries that depend on large gatherings are seeing extremely difficult challenges due to the pandemic, others such as the tech industry, see the opportunity and responsibility for innovation and growth.

As many states begin phased reopening, companies are trying to determine what the workplace and business environment will look like in a post-quarantine world. The first obvious step is the integration of personal protective equipment (PPE). Sanitization and face masks will become required and nonessential face-to-face meetings will be a thing of the past, along with shaking hands.

Additionally, relationship-driven careers such as sales and recruiting will have to find new ways to connect to be successful. Physical distancing rules will have to be established, which may include employees coming in alternate days while telecommuting the other days of the week to keep offices at reduced capacity. Large offices of 10 or more may implement thermographic camera technology for fever screening or other real-time technology-based health screenings.

One thing is for sure: IoT devices that enable physical distancing will become an integral part of reopening businesses, facilitating sales connections and embracing a different way of living.

Solutions for physical distancing

There are a variety of IoT devices available that can help business leaders successfully implement physical distancing in their offices. Thermographic camera technology coupled with facial recognition can create a baseline for each employee and then assist in determining if an employee has a temperature outside of their norm. Other remote health monitoring may also take place with healthcare providers, helping employees determine on a daily basis if they are well enough to go into work.

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Berlin-based Homeday snaps up €40 million for its hybrid brokerage solutions

Today Berlin-based Homeday, the brokerage firm financed by Project A, will receive a further €40 million. Axel Springer SE and Purplebricks are also investing and expanding their shares.

Homeday, founded in 2015, is one of the fastest growing nationwide brokerage companies in Germany. Homeday offers real estate sellers a full brokerage service with experienced local agents, with no commission charged. Buyers also pay less than usual on the market and therefore have more money at their disposal. Overall, the Homeday service saves all parties involved thousands of euros. 

Today a team of almost 200 employees and 180 independent Homeday brokers accompanies real estate sellers and buyers in Germany through the entire brokerage process, from the intention to sell to the conclusion of the contract.

The lead investor in this round was Project A, a leading venture capital company in Europe with offices in Berlin, Munich and London. Uwe Horstmann, partner and managing director of Project A, commented: “As a partner and investor from the very beginning with Axel Springer SE and Purplebricks, we are extremely pleased about the impressive development of Homeday. Project A and Homeday have had a particularly close relationship for a long time. We have not only accompanied the company financially, but Project A has supported Homeday in many areas such as the development of marketing or business intelligence. We also provided operational support for technological and product-related development.”

Digital brokerage solutions have been revolutionizing the real estate market for several years now, and Homeday was able to increase its brokerage orders in 2019 by 515% compared to the previous year. To date, Homeday has brokered real estate valued at around €3 billion.


[Phantom Auto in Robotics and Automation News] Autonomous Solutions Inc launches robotic unmanned yard truck solution

Phantom Auto’s remote communication layer provides a reliable link between the Mobius software and the trucks over any network, enabling monitoring, tele-assistance, and tele-driving.

Read more here.

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Apply For The EnergySpin Business Accelerator & Take Your Energy Technology Solutions International

The EnergySpin Business Accelerator program is back to identify and support the most disruptive innovations impacting the energy sector. Come and join the most unique energy multi-corporate accelerator in Europe, where the focus is on individual attention that enables you to leapfrog your startup to the next level.

EnergySpin is run on behalf of a number of corporates that contribute financially to the operations of the program, making it a multi-corporate accelerator. This gives corporate partners a chance to collaborate with the most innovative and promising startups in their specific fields to solve pressing challenges.

EnergySpin constantly works to establish and develop mutually beneficial cooperation between startups and their corporate partners. The corporate partners supporting EnergySpin include Wartsila, The Switch (a Yaskawa company), Danfoss, and VEO, among others. Moreover, the accelerator supports you with tailored input on growth planning, product development, commercialization, financing and marketing, and possible investment.

Apply by August 12 to participate in the Fall 2020 batch scheduled to begin in October.

Who Is Eligible To Apply

This opportunity is open to all startups in the energy sector, as well as startup enterprises in fields related to the energy sector, including digitalization, AI, IoT, Blockchain, cybersecurity, big data & advanced analytics, gamification, open data, and 5G. Your solutions can range from smart grids, power optimization, renewable energy, energy-saving & efficiency, energy storage, and future mobility.

In short, EnergySpin is looking for all innovative and disruptive solutions that enable a clean energy future.

Why Your Startup Should Apply

Irrespective of which stage of operations your startup is in, the EnergySpin Business Accelerator offers exciting opportunities for all:

  • Pilot & test your solutions with corporate partners
  • Network & receive mentorship from leading industry experts
  • Participate in the unique industry cluster workshops
  • Gain international exposure
  • Advance your personal growth & development

The application is quick & easy and includes a description of your solution, various market opportunities, competitors, finances, and details about your team.

What Happens During The Program

From the beginning of the program, the startups will work with corporate partners on developing joint projects, from piloting and the Proof of Concept (PoC) to becoming customers and partners.

The EnergySpin accelerator is built as a 10-weeks full-time program established in Vassa, on the west coast of Finland.

Participants will need to be physically present only during specific weeks, when all the workshops, coaching sessions, and meetings happen. However, startups are encouraged to stay the entire 10-weeks to make full use of the premises and opportunities in this unique industry cluster.

Up to two members from each startup can attend the in-person events. Participation in the accelerator program is 100% fee-free.

The Program Timeline

After reviewing the applications, 30 startups are selected and invited, where they meet with corporate partners and mentors to probe the feasibility of the company and solution.

  • Selection Days: 3 – 4 September 2020 (Virtual Event)

At the end of the Selection Days, up to 16 – 20 companies are handpicked by the partners to proceed to Phase 1 of the program.

Phase 1

  • Accelerator Program Opening Days: 21 – 23 October 2020 (Virtual Event)
    • Evaluation of proposition and product review
    • Partner review
  • Product Excellence & Partner Meetings: 26 – 30 October 2020 (at Vaasa Energy Cluster)
    • Product excellence
    • Investor expectations
    • Go-to-market workshops
    • B2B sales
    • Problem finding and tailored-made solution
    • Mentoring & coaching to prepare and support for partner meetings
  • Partners Days: 28 – 29 October individual meetings with the Partners
  • Teams’ Status Check: 16 – 19 November 2020 (Virtual Event)

Phase 2

  • Go-to-Market & Investor Excellence: 7 – 11 December 2020 (in Vaasa) including individual Partner meetings
  • Batch 5 Graduation will take place on 11 December 2020 in Vaasa.

Successful EnergySpin Alumni

GEYSER Batteries

Geyser Batteries develops a new energy storage mechanism that does not use lithium-ion batteries. Their products work up to 10-100 times when compared to traditional batteries and function steadily over longer durations. This makes them ideal for hybrid powertrains and long-term heavy-duty power grid systems. The Vaasa-based company currently caters to B2B customers in the transportation, industrial machinery, and power grid sectors.

This EnergySpin Business Accelerator alumni from the 2018 Spring batch received €1 million seed funding from Voima Ventures in 2019.


Instagrid develops an advanced portable power pack to replace highly polluting petrol and diesel generators. Their products offer simple, flexible, and emission-free access to grid-scale power for professionals on the move. The company was founded in 2018 and specializes in the development of portable battery equipment, offering a mobile power supply for people working in temporary locations.

This EnergySpin Business Accelerator alumni from the 2019 Fall batch received €8.5 million Series A funding led by SET Ventures in early 2020.

Ready To Spin Your Energy Solution Globally?

EnergySpin offers you a unique opportunity to get a real impression of the prospects of the Vaasa region energy cluster. Its international partner companies are looking for solutions that are ready to change the future of the energy sector. Are you ready to participate?

To take your startup to the next level, apply for the EngerySpin Accelerator now!




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Utility Iberdrola Seeks Technological Solutions To Protect Birds On Electricity Grids

Iberdrola currently maintains more than 1.1 million km of electricity transmission and distribution power lines, distributed throughout the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Spain. More than 4.400 high to medium voltage substations, and more than 1.5 million medium to low voltage distribution transformers, provide high quality and reliable service to a total of 31 million electricity supply points.

In its effort to minimize the impact of power lines on birds, Iberdrola is launching a new Startup Challenge in search of innovative solutions to enable sustainable coexistence.

How Birds Are Affected By Power Lines

The structure and location of power transmission infrastructure include electricity pylons — essential elements for the transmission and distribution of electrical power. These act as the perfect vantage points for birds in search of rest and food. Birdlife faces the risk of electrocution simply by perching on these lines. Moreover, overhead cables can obstruct their flight path, leading to a loss of biodiversity and occasionally poses the risk of a fire hazard.

For this reason, Iberdrola is working to improve upon existing solutions that enhance bird protections. In addition, they also seek solutions that allow more sustainable management of vegetation.

Who Should Apply

The Iberdrola Startup Challenge is looking for solutions that address the following key areas identified for innovative interventions to enable the sustainable development of the energy utility sectors:

  • Technology-driven solutions that prevent bird electrocution
  • Technology-driven solutions that prevent bird and infrastructure collisions
  • Technical solutions that incorporate durable materials to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the power lines
  • Solutions that allow more sustainable management of vegetation

Why Your Startup Should Apply

Gain Access To Iberdrola’s Ecosystem

  • Access market know-how
  • Access key technologies
  • Gain a single point of contact

Demonstrate Your Solutions Through Pilot Programs

  • Access large volumes of real-world data
  • Test your technology in a real environment
  • Potentially scale your solution into Iberdrola’s networks & infrastructure

In addition, PERSEO may decide to invest in your solution.

The Startup Challenge & Timeline

Application Deadline: 13 July 2020

Proposals Analysis: July – September 2020

The proposal will be scrutinized based on the following criteria:

  • The scalability of your solution
  • The compatibility of its design for electrical installations
  • The suitability of the materials used

All startup applications will be analyzed by experts in the medium voltage (MV) networks and sustainability from the different regions.

Pilot Project Starts: October 2020 – March 2021

The project will be implemented in collaboration with specialist technicians from the Iberdrola network.

Leading The Charge To Develop Sustainable Energy Innovations

The Iberdrola – PERSEO International Startup Program aims to facilitate the group’s access to the technologies of the future & promote the creation of a global and dynamic ecosystem of technology companies and entrepreneurs in the electricity sector. Its key objectives are:

  • Early identification of key trends for the future of the company
  • Access to groundbreaking technologies and business models
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial activity

With PERSEO, the Iberdrola group actively seeks innovative solutions that enable improvements to its operations and minimize its environmental footprint.

The most recent challenge, Protecting Marine Mammals, which was launched in April, seeks technologies to monitor marine mammals and to preserve animal life in the ecosystem of the Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm.

In 2019, the group organized two Startup Challenges. The first challenge, Resilience to Natural Disasters, received 148 proposals from 131 companies in 24 countries. The winner, Swedish startup Skyqraft, presented a proposal for facility supervision using drones. The second challenge, Photovoltaic Cleaning, received 74 proposals from 70 startups in 25 countries, and four winners were announced.

Apply for the Birdlife Protection Challenge by 13 July to pilot test your solution with the industry leader!




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