{Seeking Advice} Please Send Me All Your Productivity Tool Recommendations. This is what I’m using.

I work as an operations manager at an SF based startup, where I oversee the daily actions of +20 ops staff and dozens of partner/client accounts.

Every minute in the day counts, so I’m looking for productivity tool recommendations that could help me save time, keep my sanity, and still kick butt on the daily.

What I’m using right now:

RescueTime – rescuetime(.)com

  • Cuz procrastination. Been using it for years

Scribe – cursive(.)io/scribe

  • This tool has saved me HOURS in staff training and technical comms with contractors.

Grammarly – grammarly(.)com

  • English is my second language

Roam Research – roamresearch(.)com

  • My favorite tool to document todo’s, thoughts, and notes.

Would love to hear your recommendations!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

OTP Bank Launches OTP Startup Partner Program Seeking Later-Stage Startups

Operating in 12 countries and with over 19 million clients, OTP Bank is one of the largest financial providers in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank sees innovation as one of its strategic pillars and its novel initiatives are supported by its innovation hub, OTP LAB. OTP LAB brings together industry and vertical experts, startups, businesses, and educational institutions to develop the banking products and services of the future.

The OTP Startup Partner Program coordinated by OTP LAB supports and collaborates with later-stage startups globally to implement product and operational innovations at the Group’s Hungarian headquarters and across its wide network of subsidiaries in CEE.

Why Your Startup Should Apply

OTP Bank is seeking post-product or -market fit startups and scaleups from all over the world to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Some benefits of applying to the program include:

  • Opportunity to perform a results-oriented pilot based on real business needs
  • Dedicated support from piloting to live collaboration
  • Connection to key decision-makers within OTP
  • Business development acceleration & potential customer base of 19+ million within the CEE region
  • Customized mentorship from dedicated experts
  • Opportunity for product innovation and development
  • Possibility to receive funding

OPT Bank will validate the best submissions in a 3-month pilot focused on collaboration with OTP Group’s business units. In the case of a successful pilot, OTP Bank fosters the launch and live adoption of the tested solution over a 6-month rollout.

“The pilot period of our previous program coincided with the European outbreak of the coronavirus. OTP Group’s commitment to innovation is clearly proven by the fact that despite this situation, we were able to complete all previously commenced pilots successfully. There was enormous interest in the program: for example, our online Demo Day was followed by over 1100 viewers. I am proud to see that the OTP Startup Partner Program has grown into an innovation initiative that mobilizes the entire Group. Besides this, year after year, we are able to convert an increasing number of cohort companies into long-term partners,” said András Fischer, head of OTP LAB.

Key Innovation Opportunities With OTP Bank

Announced for the fourth time, OTP Group is looking for innovative startup partners as part of the OTP Startup Partner Program. The program is a superb acceleration track for later-stage innovative companies that wish to test the applicability of their developments in the Central and Eastern European banking sector.

Applications for the OTP Startup Partner Program can be submitted by later-stage startups and scaleups from any location until 23 October 2020. OTP especially encourages women-led companies and startups with gender-diverse founding teams to apply.

Specifically, OTP is looking for applicants in the following 5+1 categories:

  • Advanced Data Analytics: including solutions such as customer profiling, Artificial Intelligence-supported trading models, big data-based HR analytics, real-time monitoring tools for the real estate market, and more
  • Customer Experience & Customer Servicing: from visual remote assistance and voice-based banking to gamified investment & money management training and advanced anti-fraud solutions
  • Internal Efficiency: wanted solutions range from on-the-job training solutions, self-service digital HR platforms, performance marketing optimization tools, and intelligence sales support assistants to meeting optimization tools
  • Product Innovations in Retail Banking: including white label lending-as-a-service solutions, non-financial, value-added services for real estate agents, utility payment aggregator solutions for digital banking, family banking solutions
  • Product Innovations in SME and Corporate Banking: covers solutions including non-financial, value-added services for agricultural clients, online wholesale marketplaces for agricultural production, e-invoicing, accounting, and financial management services for SMEs
  • OTP is also looking for entirely innovative and disruptive solutions which do not fall under any of the above-listed categories but are related to the banking sector

Building On A Successful Track Record

Over the last four years, the OTP Startup Partner Program has witnessed a growing number of participants, with the last edition receiving 370 applications. At the same time, the number of OTP subsidiaries participating in the program has also significantly increased, with 32 different business units taking part in the last edition. Some collaborating partners arising from the previous batches include:

  • Batch 2018-19: Alyne is working closely with OTP Bank Hungary to provide cutting-edge solutions to strengthen their cybersecurity measures, especially with reference to the ISO and NIST frameworks, and local and European banking regulations.
  • Batch 2019-20: Neticle collaborated with OTP Bank Albania to localize its online media monitoring and sentiment analysis platform in Albanian, thus introducing the first such service available in the Albanian market.
  • Batch 2019-20: After a successful pilot, Scolvo is developing a corporate sales support application for Vojvođanska banka to streamline client meetings and deliver significant efficiency gains in the overall sales process.

To learn more about the OTP Startup Partner Program, sign up for online information sessions on 25 September and 13 October and to apply, visit the OTP Startup Partner Program website today!



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Cloud Sandbox Market Booming Segments; Investors Seeking as a Biggest Opportunity in Coming Decade – The News Brok

Cloud Sandbox Market Booming Segments; Investors Seeking as a Biggest Opportunity in Coming Decade  The News Brok
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

Seeking tech lead for AI/ML industrial (pre-seed funded) UK startup

Hi everyone,
We are a pre-seed funded startup focussing on building an industrial analytics platform.

We use data from existing sensors (heavy industries) on machines, and apply analytics to find actionable insights.

Where we are:

  • Currently in trials with 2 industrial companies
  • Successfully delivered 1 data trial and now commercially discussing
  • Just been funded to accelerate product development and build
  • We are based in the UK (generally get boxed in predictive maintenance but that's just a start)
  • Current team of 3 (CEO + Data Science + Sales – all friends and average 8 years of industrial experience each)
  • Competitors usually that get mentioned, Uptake, Datadog (incorrectly), OEM services (GE Predix for example), MachineMax, QIO, etc

Looking for:

  1. A tech lead who has experience of productionising ML/AI models, on time series data (a type of data in industrial)
  2. Experience of IoT would be great, but more importantly, understanding the different data relationships and the AWS platform elements would be fun
  3. Full-time (remote is ok, EU preferred for time zone reasons)

DM me for a chat or comment.

If the format is wrong or can't do here, let me know and can remove it.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Early-stage startup, first developer opportunity, seeking advice

tl;dr: early-stage startup opportunity to be first developer, unsure if it's reasonable to ask for a high salary and 1% stake.

I'm a senior dev with some decent experience, ~9yrs in the industry, worked at amazon, msft in the past and most recently a couple really successful startups in NYC.

I was recently presented an opportunity to work for an early-stage startup, that is well funded and registered as a Trust Company – afaik it takes a lot of capital to start a Trust company so it doesn't feel that risky. The company is in the blockchain space, but I am purposely leaving out details to get non-biased opinions. Let's just say, I really value the blockchain space, especially working on crypto platforms, exchanges, and anything related to fin-tech (it's an exciting space and the technical problems are very interesting imo). Also, maybe to preempt some questions, the person backing this entire thing is a billionaire and I think if he wants something bad enough he will fund it, so I'm not all that worried about funding. (Lastly I'm okay with this not working out – if it flops, I have enough cash/assets to keep myself afloat, and I have no problem looking for another job.)

If interviews go right this week, I have the opportunity to be dev #1 and will be wearing lots of hats. I know this sort of role is entirely full-stack and will require really digging in and figuring things out. I have some full-stack experience in both coding up frontend/backend/oauth and launching on aws, so I know I will be fully utilized in as many areas as possible before hiring more engineers.

My questions are:

– What is a reasonable salary to ask? My last role I was making $ 180k, and I feel I am worth $ 180k- $ 200k but knowing how well funded this company is, and how many roles I'll be filling (sre, dev, infosec, and probably contributing to hiring, product/design, etc) I believe I should feel comfortable asking for $ 220k – is this reasonable? Am I over-valuing myself?

– What is a reasonable stake to ask for? I previously worked in a startup 2 years ago where the first dev had a 2% stake, and when the company was bought for $ 2.1B – he cashed out nicely! I was thinking about asking for a 1% stake – is this reasonable? Another way I was thinking to negotiate is to say I'm willing to forego 40k for 2% stake – so 180k + 2% stake – same question – is this reasonable? Am I over-valuing myself?

– Any other general advice/guidance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

{Seeking Advice} A friend of mine and I are thinking of starting an online store together. He is in Canada, I am in the US. How would we go about this? Which country’s taxes would we pay? What legal pitfalls could we run into?

A friend of mine and I are thinking of starting an online store together. He is in Canada, I am in the US. How would we go about this? Which country's taxes would we pay? What legal pitfalls could we run into? What financial challenges? How much would it cost to LLC or Incorporate? Do we have to even think about this before getting started, or can we worry about it later?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

{Seeking Advice} We became a FULLY remote team a week ago. Any remote peeps here?? Looking for absolute must-have software tools. Please help😬

Hey guys! We're a team of 17 who recently decided to go fully remote. So far everyone seems to be loving the flexibility and convenience, however, as the founder and CEO of the company, I'm always worrying that things might become too "casual" and how that can affect overall performance.

That led me down a rabbit hole of "best tools for remote teams " type articles, that has taken over the last couple of months. (wife wasn't too happy about this new "hobby/obsession")😅😅

So far this is what we're using for daily ops and comms. Would love to get your thoughts and recommendations!

Jira https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira

  • After testing Asana, Monday.com and Trello, we decided to stay with Jira for project management.

Scribe – https://cursive.io/scribe

  • We use Scribe to create how-to tutorials, training new staff, contractors, etc. Really saves time.

Slack https://slack.com/

  • Our go-to for everything from team management to daily comms.

Harvest – https://www.getharvest.com/

  • Personally I’ve never been big on micro-management, but since we’ve moved to a remote-only team environment, harvest has been great in helping us allocate time per task more efficiently. Plus I like that it integrates with Jira.

Uberconference https://www.uberconference.com/

  • Very similar to Zoom but we’ve been using it forever.

Last Pass https://www.lastpass.com/

  • How we share social media and software passwords amongst the team.


  • Our go-to for general documentation, file sharing, etc.

*Goes without saying these are not affiliate links. Please send recommendations my way 😎

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!