Call analytics platform Invoca expands into sales, e-commerce and customer experience

Invoca, which helps companies extract and use data from customer phone calls, is expanding today with the launch of products for e-commerce, customer experience and sales teams, as well as a new Invoca Exchange, where businesses can find all of the platform’s third-party integrations.

The company is making these announcements as part of its virtual Invoca Summit. Ahead of the event, CEO Gregg Johnson (previously an executive at Salesforce) told me that customers have been asking Invoca to expand beyond its previous focus on providing “conversation intelligence” to marketing teams.

“‘We need to get aligned on how we support the revenue journey,’” Johnson recalled businesses telling him. “We were already going down this path, but when COVID hit, we tripled down on it.”

He argued that the data that Invoca provides has become even more important during the pandemic and related lockdowns, when businesses only had “two sources of feedback” — digital interactions and customer conversations. And while there are plenty of analytics tools for tracking online behavior, Johnson said, “Customer conversations are really important because they get at why” people are behaving in a certain way.

And at the same time, Johnson said call center teams have had to shift to working at home, which meant that they had to switch to online software and “everything broke,” while supervisors “no longer had any visibility into how agents were performing.”

Invoca platform

Image Credits: Invoca

Invoca is trying to address these issues by making sure that marketing, sales, customer experience and e-commerce teams all have access to the same call data.

For example, he said that agents at Invoca customer BBQGuys need data to understand what products to recommend for their customers if the specific grill that they want isn’t available. Or a healthcare provider might use call data to predict and prepare when COVID cases might be rising in their area.

“We’ve always viewed ourselves as an application and a platform,” Johnson added. “We already give you ability to use this data at Invoca to automatically apply these insights without any human intervention at all. So for us, we thought through use cases to feed this data into other tools and created four solutions … that are really joined at the hip.”

Invoca for eCommerce, Invoca for Customer Experience and the existing Invoca for Marketing product are all available now, while Invoca for Sales is currently signing up beta testers for November.

The Invoca Exchange, meanwhile, already includes more than 40 integrations, including Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Adobe, Tealium, and Five9. The company is also announcing new partnerships with FullStory and Criteo.


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Twitter Followers will not convert to sales

It really doesn't work. I built a decent twitter following in relatively short time, but I am pretty confident I can say this…it's pointless. Twitter is a void where everyone is just begging for followers and retweets. It becomes gross to one's soul very fast. When I launched a month ago, the 2k followers that had seemed engaged and interested proved they really only wanted someone to follow them back. I see so many people trying to support each other, but it's just all lost in the shuffle. In my opinion, don't waste your time marketing on Twitter. Anyone who disagrees, I would ask them if the followers-count/sales-converted is even a half percent.

Not trying to rant, just wish that I had seen the post I have written months ago. I feel it's a waste of time.

A good way to witness this is to watch writers support each other…no one is remotely concerned about buying a book, they just want to "support" another writer's book to get them to do the same, and…nothing ever gets done.

Be very careful about time/money spent placing your startup on Twitter.

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9 Legit Ways To Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Whether your company is still a fresh face or you’ve been at it for a while, identifying areas that need improvement can be difficult. But, with the right approach, it’s entirely possible to see a significant boost to conversion rates.

So, if you’re a startup owner who wants to help their employees excel at what they do, here are nine legit ways to increase sales team productivity.

Investing In Culture Means Boosting Sales Productivity

Despite the multitude of evidence proving that company culture has an impact on revenue, many business leaders still ignore its importance. And that’s no surprise. If you think about it, it’s much easier to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a productivity solution than to put in the (never-ending) work that’s required to boost employee motivation from within.

But the thing is, making your organization a better workplace doesn’t have to mean turning everything upside down. You can easily make changes for the better, without actually having to start from scratch. Here’s how:

#1 Invest In Education

The number one way you can increase sales team productivity is to give the sales reps the opportunities to become better at their job. Nurturing a culture that’s based on lifelong learning will show your employees the importance of personal and professional growth. Plus, it won’t just tell them how they should aim to improve, as it will provide concrete opportunities as well.

As a business leader, it’s highly recommended that you provide your employees with the resources they need to continuously become better. Whether that’s a regularly updated set of resources, monthly training programs, or personalized education programs, rest assured that these investments won’t be wasted.

#2 Bridge Communication Gaps

For sales to flourish, your frontline workers need to be in the know all the time. And without exceptional communication, that’s just impossible.

Make sure that all your teams are well-connected. Marketing, sales, support, and product development all need to work together to create a coherent customer experience. By sharing information, they will all gain the resources and motivation to work towards the common goal.

Luckily, this is not difficult to do. With team chat apps like Slack and project management tools like Basecamp, you can easily ensure everyone’s got the right info, at all times.

#3 Become A Mentor

As a business leader, you are likely to have plenty of insights and experience. And what better way to help your team grow than sharing the lessons you’ve learned throughout the years?

By being prepared to work together with your employees and helping them find the best solutions to their problems, you’re guaranteed to see results. For example, you can teach your team to set SMART goals. Or, if they use time tracking software, you can take a calendar analytics tool and figure out areas of their work that could potentially be eliminated. But, the best thing about mentorship is that you stand to gain a lot as well. Who knows, you might just stumble upon your next brilliant idea while helping your team solve their latest challenge.

#4 Help Employees Find Meaning & Purpose In Their Career

Most people don’t work for fun, they do it to pay the bills. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a source of meaning in life. Being the leader, you need to find ways to help your employees see work as something more than a source of income.

Encourage accountability, commitment, and a sense of pride in a job well done. Celebrate the ups and work through the downs together. These are all small changes in the way your organization works. But, in the end, they can drive a lot of improvement – and that’s precisely what you’re after.

#5 Help Your Team Lead Healthier Lifestyles

Last but not least, remember that working more hours doesn’t mean higher productivity levels. In fact, in a recent survey by Sleep Junkie, more than 50% of people who worked 40+ hours per week said they felt physically and emotionally exhausted. As a business leader, however, you’re in a prime position to ensure your workers maintain a healthy work-life balance. Encourage them to use their vacation days, allow remote work at least one day per week, and make sure that your team has access to health support. This way, they’ll be far more likely to take care of themselves, which will, inevitably, result in fewer losses due to illness and absenteeism.

Workflow Optimization Benefits Productivity

Once your team’s got the right approach to productive work, you can move on to technical solutions that will enable them to be even more efficient.

The great thing about workflow is that it can be hacked and optimized, allowing you to get things done without too much of a hassle. With modern software solutions, you can analyze, improve, and even automate a multitude of repetitive processes, letting your team focus on high-skilled assignments that bring in real profits.

#6 Use A CRM Solution

As you’re well aware, sales is very much about generating and managing leads. And, if you have a good system in place, you’ll know what stage of the sales cycle each of those leads is. So, by keeping track of your contacts, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are fully optimized for results. Customer relationship management software can help you do just that.

From solutions that integrate with email marketing tools to those that let you manage purchase orders, make sure you look into CRM. Even if you’re on a budget, there are great, free options you can start using right away.

#7 Make The Most Of Cloud Storage

Whether your sales team is working from home or from the office, you need to ensure they have access to all relevant data at all times. And that includes files as well. In addition to storing documents, images, and videos in the cloud for easy access, it’s highly recommended that you create a well-organized system so that everyone knows where to look for the documents they need.

If you’re on a budget, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage. If, however, you’re ready to take your digital asset management game to the next level, you’ll want to find a more streamlined solution like Filecamp.

#8 Let Your Sales Team Focus On What Matters

Having your sales team be approachable is a crucial aspect of improving results. In fact, on-page chat has been shown to boost conversion rates by up to 45%. But can your team afford to spend all their time interacting with web visitors? Probably not. So, a good productivity-enhancing solution would be to use automation where possible.

Nowadays, there are business messengers like Intercom, which use AI to automatically take care of most customer interactions. However, instead of offering a fully robotized customer experience, they allow you to layer support by combining chatbots, self-serve resources, and human representatives. This retains that sought-after human touch that’ll help your company forge strong relationships with clients.

#9 Analyze & Improve

Finally, keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to sales performance. So make sure that you are proactive about using all the analytics tools at your disposal. Even simple solutions like Google Analytics and PPC data can give you clues on where you could invest to increase sales.

Don’t Forget To Prioritize

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to help your sales team perform better – but some actions will simply be more effective than others.

If you’re truly dedicated to helping your employees perform at their peak, stay away from superficial hacks. Instead, focus your attention on those that will bring in the biggest value. This way, you’ll not only get the biggest bang for your buck, but you’ll also help your employees focus on what matters, giving them clear goals and the resources they need to achieve them.




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Equity grant for second sales rep?

Our company is 30 people, pre series A and we are about to bring on our second sales rep who will help build out some processes as well as close deals. Is a .1% equity reasonable or is that too little? Haven't navigated the waters on this too much and would like some input from others!

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Workforce Analytics Market Size 2020 | Key Players, Business Expansion Plans, Market Sales, Revenue, Price, Industry Share by Growth Rate Forecast to 2026 – PRnews Leader

Workforce Analytics Market Size 2020 | Key Players, Business Expansion Plans, Market Sales, Revenue, Price, Industry Share by Growth Rate Forecast to 2026  PRnews Leader
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

[ in PR Newswire] Ascend2 and Verse Unveil New Survey – The State of Lead Conversion in Marketing and Sales

Ascend2, a leading market research firm, in partnership with Verse, today unveiled a new survey of more than 250 marketing and sales professionals, The State of Lead Conversion in Marketing and Sales. The report brings new insights to the challenges and opportunities that organizations face in today’s modern communications landscape, as well as the technologies that they currently use in order to optimize their sales operations.

Read more here.

The post [ in PR Newswire] Ascend2 and Verse Unveil New Survey – The State of Lead Conversion in Marketing and Sales appeared first on OurCrowd Blog.

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Global IoT Insurance Market Strategic Decisions, Quickest Development, Market Shares, Trends, Marketing, Promotional And Sales Strategies – Stock Market Funda

Global IoT Insurance Market Strategic Decisions, Quickest Development, Market Shares, Trends, Marketing, Promotional And Sales Strategies  Stock Market Funda
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Last chance to demo at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 — package sales end tomorrow

Opportunity alert! We’re just five short days away from TC Sessions: Mobility 2020, a two-day event focused on building the future of transportation. Thousands of attendees from around the world will be looking for the latest technologies and up-and-coming startups. Will they find your up-and-coming startup?

The answer is a resounding yes — if you buy an Early-Stage Startup Exhibitor Package. Join more than 40 other early-stage startups exhibiting in our expo area and plant your company in the path of the influencers who can help drive your business forward. Expand your network and build sustainable relationships that can provide long-lasting benefits.

Deadline alert! Act now because exhibitor package sales end tomorrow, October 2, at 11:59 p.m. (PDT).

Let’s look at just some of the benefits that come from exhibiting at TC Sessions: Mobility. It’s a “Field of Dreams” moment — if you exhibit, they will come. We’re talking media hunting for their next great story, investors who want to pack their portfolio pipeline, founders looking for partnerships, brilliant engineers eager for employment and, of course, potential customers.

Exhibiting lets you present your pitch decks, schedule demos, start conversations and see where they lead. Add it all together and you get invaluable exposure, increased brand recognition and infinite opportunity.

TC Sessions Mobility offers several big benefits. First, networking opportunities that result in concrete partnerships. Second, the chance to learn the latest trends and how mobility will evolve. Third, the opportunity for unknown startups to connect with other mobility companies and build brand awareness. — Karin Maake, senior director of communications at FlashParking.

Want even more exposure? We’ve got you covered. Every exhibiting startup will get five minutes to pitch live in a pitch session. Think of it: You — strutting your stuff in front of influential mobility movers, shakers and startup dream makers from around the world. Warm up your pitching arm, folks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 takes place October 6-7, but your opportunity to exhibit in the expo comes to a screeching halt tomorrow, October 2 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT). Don’t waste another minute. Secure your Early-Stage Startup Exhibitor Package now and get ready to fast-track opportunity.

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Cazoo, the UK used car sales portal, raises another $311M, now valued at over $2B

A lot of people are opting to use cars instead of taking public transportation in the UK at the moment, as a way of ensuring more social distancing, and today one of the startups that’s built a more efficient way of selling and buying cars is announcing a big round of funding. Cazoo, which provides an app-based way to browse and buy used cars (it’s modeled on the likes of Vroom in the US), has picked up £240 million ($ 311 million).

The funding comes only six months after the company raised $ 116 million. Cazoo is now valued at over $ 2 billion, double its previous valuation a year ago, it confirmed. (For some context, the company had never confirmed its valuation prior to now and it was estimated at a much lower amount.)

This latest funding is being led by General Catalyst, D1 Capital Partners and funds managed by Fidelity Management & Research Company and Blackrock, with other new and existing investors participating. The list includes L Catterton, Durable Capital Partners, The Spruce House Partnership, Novator, Mubadala Capital and dmg ventures. It brings the total raised by the company to date to £450 million ($ 582 million).

We have reached out to the company to get more details on what portion of the funding is equity and what is debt, and we will update as we learn more. (Debt plays a big role in funding for companies that need to take on a lot of assets, like cars, in order for the business model to function. As we’ve seen with others in the same category of disrupting car sales, like Fair, sometimes the debt far outstrips equity funding, and as we’ve seen with Fair, sometimes even a lot of money cannot help a business work.)

A spokesperson confirmed that the funds will be used to grow the team, brand and infrastructure and to continue to develop the proposition as we continue to make car buying better for all UK consumers.

Founded by Alex Chesterman, who had also founded LoveFilm (acquired by Amazon and used as the first step in its move into building its Netflix competitor, Amazon Prime Video) and the property sales site Zoopla, Cazoo says that it has hit £100 million in revenues since launching less than a year ago, selling and delivering “thousands” of cars every month. It does not disclose whether it is profitable.

The company’s boost comes from a new surge of interest not just from more people having a car for getting from A to B — and I’ll say as a London resident that traffic definitely feels worse these days — but also from people looking for online, virtual ways of doing this to avoid the physical contact that typically comes with more traditional ways of buying vehicles.

“Over the past few months we have seen an acceleration in the shift from offline to online car buying as UK consumers have continued to embrace our unique and market-leading proposition,” said Chesterman in a statement. “This latest funding demonstrates the conviction of some of the world’s best investors in both our business model and team as well as the UK market and gives Cazoo the firepower to deliver on our plans to provide the best possible car buying experience for UK consumers.”

Chesterman’s pedigree as a founder helps with raising money and opening doors.

“I have known Alex for seventeen years since our days building LoveFilm,” said Adam Valkin, MD of General Catalyst, in a statement. “He has made a career out of identifying large consumer markets where technology can drive change and then leading that transformation by focusing on the customer and delivering value, convenience and a trusted service. With Cazoo, Alex is taking his proven playbook to perhaps his largest opportunity yet for the benefit of used car buyers across the UK.”

Dan Sundheim, Founder of D1 Capital added, “We’re excited to partner with Alex and the team at Cazoo. They have generated enormous value for customers and shareholders in their previous internet ventures and we are confident that Cazoo will greatly accelerate the digital transformation of the used car industry and dramatically improve the car buying experience for consumers in the UK.”

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