How to Promote Your Business to Local Customers Using Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing service provided by Google that helps businesses showcase who they are and what they do. Google uses location to provide users with the best possible experience and makes searching and discovering the information they desire fast and efficient.

GMB is relevant for local searches because when someone in your locality is looking for the products and services you provide, they will see your company information on both Google search results listings and Google Maps listings.

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What is local search?

The best way to describe a local search is when a user is searching for a service, product or business near to them or in a specific location. The results of this search will display a “local pack” of three businesses below a map that Google thinks best suits the user’s search term.

Getting your business listed and visible on this pack is highly regarded, as it is likely to generate traffic to your website, inquiries via telephone or result in a physical visit (if your storefront is currently open).

How do I register a Google My Business listing?

To register your own listing, you’ll want to create a Google My Business account, providing your business name and address. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

You’ll also need to verify that your business exists at your address, which will be done via a postcard that Google will mail to you a few days after you submit your listing.

Once you have verified your listing, you’ll then get full access to your business listing dashboard.

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How to manage your Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business listing allows you to promote your business to customers. Below, we’ll cover five of the most important sections and explain why these should be utilized.

Choose the most appropriate category for your business

It’s important that you choose the most appropriate categories for your business to ensure you feature in those searches most applicable to what your customers are searching for. The categories you choose describe what your business is, not necessarily what it does or sells. Ensure your primary category best sums you up, then use the additional categories to expand on what type of business you are. 

Service area you operate in 

Use this section to let customers know where your business provides deliveries or services. You can enter information such as town or city, or be specific and enter zip codes. This is particularly useful for eateries that offer takeout and delivery services.

Your operating hours

You’ll need to ensure these are up-to-date so that customers know when you’re open or operating. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has incorporated additional features that allow businesses to add temporary business hours and latest service availability.


List your products and services 

Make use of the two separate sections called “Products” and “Listings” in your dashboard and let customers discover your business by adding the products or services that you offer, which will be viewable on your business profile on Google Search and Maps. You’ll be able to upload photos, prices and descriptions to each product or listing you upload.

If you’re a restaurant or takeout business, you’ll also have access to a menu section that will allow you to upload your menu, including descriptions and photos to your Google profile.

Reach more customers through posts 

You can treat the posts sections on your dashboard like you would a typical website blog. Your listing gives you the opportunity to create posts about upcoming events, latest offers, what’s new about your business and any COVID-19 related updates.

There is also a COVID-19 support feature that lets customers buy gift cards from your business or make a donation. When you create a support post, it will add a link to your business profile on Google search.

Get more reviews for your business on Google

Customers have the opportunity to leave reviews about your business directly on your Google My Business listing. Reviews on Google provide valuable information to potential new customers and can help your business stand out from the competition. Reviews can also help your listing to appear higher in local searches, especially on the Google search map.

Within your GMB dashboard, you’ll find your own custom short URL that you can share via social media, email or message. Share this with your customers and encourage them to leave a review on your Google profile. It’s quick and easy for them to do and will help improve your business’s visibility.

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Monitor and track your performance with the Google My Business app

The Google My Business app, available to Apple and Android users, will help you take the management of your business profile to another level. Not only does it allow you to update your listing using the features mentioned earlier, but it also gives you access to performance data that will help you understand the actions people are taking to either find you on Google or get in touch with you.

GMB analytics

Within the report section of the app, you’ll be able to see data such as:

  • How customers search for your business. Did they search for your business name or address, or did they discover you by searching for a category, service or location relevant to you?
  • Whether customers viewed your profile on Google Search or Maps.
  • How many customers took action after finding your listing, either by visiting your website, requesting directions or calling you.
  • How many times photos on your business listing were viewed.

Get an advantage over your competitors and make GMB a priority

Google My Business profiles are often an overlooked tool when it comes to marketing a startup business online. However, if used correctly and updated on a regular basis, GMB can prove to be an essential way for a local business to generate traffic, inquiries and sales.

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4 Ways Business Owners Can Promote Small Business Saturday on Social Media

This year, Small Business Saturday is going to look a little bit different.

Launched by American Express, Small Business Saturday is sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Local businesses host open house events, decorate their storefronts with customized marketing materials and engage with shoppers via social media to encourage their biggest shopping day of the year. But with COVID-19 cases on the rise again, what can startup and small business owners do to encourage safe shopping this year?

Encourage shoppers to check in to your store online

There are several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, that provide the ability to add your location and “check in.” You can do this in the body of the post, and in Instagram Stories by tagging a brick-and-mortar store’s location. If you’re a local business that allows its customers to check in via social media, encourage shoppers to do so on Small Business Saturday.

When a shopper checks in to your storefront, they expose your business to a much wider audience. Their friends and followers take notice, and may be curious to learn more about your business. Once they tap on your company name, they’ll be redirected to a page filled with tagged check-ins from other customers. This allows potential shoppers to learn more about your business and its location.

Now that these curious potential customers know what you offer and that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday, they may be curious about your store — so make sure your website is up-to-date with your latest offerings.

You might also offer customers an added incentive to check in to your store online, like $ 1 off their in-store purchase.

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Create your own business-specific hashtag for Small Business Saturday

The Shop Small Studio is a tool provided by AmEx’s Small Business Resource Center that offers a wide variety of custom marketing materials. You can use it to create custom posters, social media posts and more in just a few minutes.

While utilizing the tools provided by the Shop Small Studio, add your own hashtag to the marketing materials you create, in addition to using the #ShopSmall hashtag.

Let’s say you run a local bakery called The Sweet Spot. Include #TheSweetSpotBakery on your marketing materials, from mail flyers to email newsletters, encouraging shoppers to use it in their social media posts. This way, you can find their posts faster and be able to regram, retweet or reshare them on your company’s social accounts, creating engagement and word-of-mouth marketing.

Reinforce a #ShopSmall mentality year-round

While it’s true the Small Business Saturday mentality receives peak awareness in November, that doesn’t mean its core ideas should only be promoted this month.

Keep the conversation going about the power of the Shop Small movement year-round on your social channels by doing the following:

  • Highlight new customers you gained because of Small Business Saturday: Ask customers if they’d like to be featured on your social media accounts. Ask how they found out about your business and why they’ll continue to shop there. Share their answers on your social media accounts. This gives your audience a glimpse into the real people that shop at your business, on Small Business Saturday and throughout the year.
  • Play up new and existing offerings: Talk about new items being added to your inventory, as well as new services you’re providing to customers. Shine a spotlight on old favorites, too. This provides a gentle reminder of your offerings and gets customers excited about shopping at your business no matter what time of year it is.

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Countdown to Small Business Saturday

Create excitement around Small Business Saturday by counting down to the event across all of your social media handles. Spice up your countdown by including a fun reason why shoppers should look forward to shopping small at your business in particular.

Will you have a surprise offering unveiled the day of? Tease this as you count down to November 28!

To learn how to have a successful (and profitable) Small Business Saturday with extra holiday financing for your business, click here.

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How could I promote a small-time online shop where I sell pieces of my work (creative writing)?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here so don't kill me if the questions I'm asking are dumb.

There was a time I was quite active when it comes to creative writing and I thought a way to regain my motivation is finding a way to monetize it. I'm not looking for anything big, but rather something to trickle a few dollars into my account now and then. Basically, I want a small passive income out of it, I don't have thoughts or plans of making it big at the moment.

I've experimented with creating a small online store on a platform called shoppy (I chose this platform due to it being widespread on a certain website where I tried to promote it – to little to no success as most users simply were interested in other things).

To be more direct, how could I promote such an online shop so that I can monetize those works? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm a total newbie to this whole thing.

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Visa and Standard Chartered partner to promote eCommerce payments in Nigeria – Nairametrics

Visa and Standard Chartered partner to promote eCommerce payments in Nigeria  Nairametrics
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News


Hong Kong-based based travel activities and services booking platform Klook has been busy forming partnerships to promote tourism in Asia Pacific, recently with Grab and now with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in a S$ 2 million (US$ 1.47 million) domestic marketing partnership.

Read more here.

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OurCrowd Blog

German air-taxi startup Lilium partners with Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn airports to promote regional air mobility

Known for its fully electric, 5-seater aircraft Munich-based aviation startup Lilium plans to establish regional air mobility as a new mode of transportation by 2025. In this regard, the company announced a partnership with Dusseldorf and Cologne/Bonn airports to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the regional air services spanning North Rhine-Westphalia.

Image credits: Lilium

First of many agreements to come

The partnership was announced in Dusseldorf in the presence of the Transportation Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst. North Rhine-Westphalia Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst explains: “What sounds like science fiction today may soon be a reality. In the federal state with the highest mobility needs, smart ideas for better mobility are always welcome. We need all modes of transport in order to provide people with a convincingly diverse range of mobility options.“

Why North Rhine-Westphalia?

With 18 million inhabitants, North Rhine-Westphalia is the largest and most densely populated German state, including 40 universities and colleges and four international trade fair locations, and 10 cities with over 300,000 inhabitants. 

“North Rhine-Westphalia is a model region for the mobility of the future. We want digitally-networked mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia not only to be researched and developed but also experienced as soon as possible. This is why we support and promote many future-oriented projects and research projects here in North-Rhine-Westphalia,” Wüst adds. 

According to the company, both Cologne/Bonn and Dusseldorf airports have perfect connections to air, rail, and road traffic, making it an ideal starting point for the development of networked mobility

“We are excited to bring our innovative service to North Rhine-Westphalia,” says Lilium COO Dr. Remo Gerber. “Cities such as Aachen, Bielefeld, Münster, and Siegen will be directly connected to the region’s largest international airports within 30mins, providing emission-free, high-speed connectivity at an affordable price.”

Image credits: Lilium

What do you need to know about 5-seater aircraft!

Co-founded in 2015 by four engineers, Daniel Wiegand (CEO), Sebastian Born, Matthias Meiner and Patrick Nathen, Lilium is an aviation company developing an emissions-free regional air mobility service.

It has designed and prototyped the Lilium Jet, which is a 5-seater, all-electric aircraft that can take-off and land vertically (eVTOL). Since, this signature maneuver is one of aerospace’s most significant challenges, it gives Lilium Jet its range advantage.

Introduced back in May 2019, first flight testing was completed in less than six months. As per the company, the emission-free aircraft has flown at speeds exceeding 100 km/h, in increasingly complex maneuvers.

The Lilium Jet  has a top speed of 300 km/h and 60 min flying time. It’s worth mentioning that the jet is powered by 36 all-electric jet engines and has zero operating emissions. Notably, it requires less than 10% of its maximum 2000 horsepower during horizontal cruise flight.

According to the company, the aircraft is being engineered to the requirements of EASA’s (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) SC-VTOL regulations (2019) and their Associated Means of Compliance (2020). It is being certified by EASA in Europe and the FAA in the United States.

Image credits: Lilium

Raised €317M funding so far

Lilium has attracted more than $ 375M (approx €317M) in funding from numerous investors including Atomico, Tencent, Baillie Gifford, LGT, Freigeist and Obvious Ventures. Back in June, the company crossed the €1B valuation, making it one of the most valuable and highly capitalised aviation companies.

Main image credits: Lilium

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Users of Singapore-based super app Grab are already spoilt for choice in services offered that include food, rides, mart, hotels, insurance, hotels, delivery and now they can also book tours and activities across South-east Asia.  This is made possible via a new “Attractions” tile on the Grab app through its integration with Hong Kong-based travel activities and services booking platform Klook.

Read more here.

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OurCrowd Blog

List of places to promote your product!

When we launched our startup a few months ago I looked for lists of places where I can put our project to get our first users and first links for SEO.

I found a few of them and started to sort the links by popularity and free/non-free. I also added a list of Reddit subs or Slack communities!

I put everything together in a Notion board, clean it up and make it public → link

Hope that will help you grow!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

NSE, IFC promote participation of women-owned and run SMEs under the Nigeria2Equal programme – Nairametrics

NSE, IFC promote participation of women-owned and run SMEs under the Nigeria2Equal programme  Nairametrics
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News