Looking to start a recycling company

Looking for any tips that are up to date. I have never started a business but I feel like trash produces it's self with any increase in any material market. It's going to need to be an infrastructure utility in years to come. How can I partner with local government to start a program? How would I figure out how much it would cost to start? Do I need an LLC before I do anything? Can I be a non profit? Any tips at all would be helpful.

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Looking to emulate Venmo, JoomPay preps a Euro launch for easy bill splitting and cash payments

JoomPay, a startup with a similar product to PayPal-owned Venmo in the U.S., is set to launch in Europe shortly after being granted a Luxembourg Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. The app allows people to send and receive money with anyone, instantly and for free. “Venmo me” has become a common phrase in the U.S., where people use it to split bills in restaurants or similar instances. Venmo is in common use in the U.S., but it’s not available in Europe, although dozens of other innovative mobile peer to peer transfer options exist, such as Revolut, N26, Monese and Monzo. The waitlist for the app’s beta is open now (iOS, Android).

Europe leads the world’s instant payments industry, with $ 18 trillion in worldwide volume predicted by 2025, up from $ 3 trillion in 2020 — a growth of more than 500%. Western Europe — and COVID-19 — is now driving that innovation and will account for 38% of instant payment transaction value by 2025. While Europe lacks simple peer-to-peer payments solutions such as Venmo or Square Cash App in the U.S., challenger banks have stepped up to provide similar kinds of services. JoomPay’s opportunity lies in being able to be a middle-man between these various banking systems.

Shopping app Joom, which has been downloaded 150 million times in Europe, has spun-off JoomPay to solve this problem. The app allows users to send and receive money from any person, regardless of whether they use JoomPay or not — and you only need to know their email or the phone number. JoomPay connects to any existing debit/credit card or a bank account. It also provides its users with a European IBAN and an optional free JoomPay card with cashback and bonuses.

Yuri Alekseev, CEO and co-founder of JoomPay, said: “Since COVID-19 started, we’ve seen a significant decline in cash usage. People can’t meet as easily as before but still need to send money, and we offer a viable alternative.”

JoomPay may have an uphill struggle. Its main competitors in Europe are the huge TransferWise, Paysend and, of course, PayPal itself.

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I’m a technical founder of a SaaS AI for healthcare product, near MVP, but am seeking a cofounder with UI experience… where should I be looking? Are there communities I’m overlooking?

I've reached out on local tech channels on slack. I looked on social media. I can find people here and there, but to find the best match as a cofounder, it seems like there must be a higher traffic method of connecting with people. Are there particular places to find cofounders with particular skill sets? I would love to be directed to those resources.

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Starting a project. Looking for a partner or doing it myself?

I'm tech guy and I work as backend and frontend developer. I'd like to start a small side project which will rely on backend implementation and iOS app (since only iOS allows such feature, Android doesn't yet). It's very small project, it can be done probably within a month.

Backend, obviously, is not an issue, app is. I have following options:

  1. Learn iOS app development. So I need to buy Mac, learn swift and iOS in general, spend months learning it and build ingit
  2. Use React Native to build an app. This might work, but I don't think that react native supports that core feature fully.
  3. Spend time to search for a partner. Not sure really where to find it online

What do you think would be the best option. Personally I'd like to have a partner since it's more motivating and fun to work on a project, there are different points of view, different ideas and skills.

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Looking For Collaboration

Have a few startups in the works that I have basically funded and built myself, which I do see having quite a bit of potential. Just go be clear, these are well past the idea phase and have actually been executed to an extent. Problem is, most of the guys I have started them with are friends of mine and don’t seem to have the drive to take it to the next level. I tend to get obsessed and work on the business constantly.

With that said, if you have any ideas or startups you want to collaborate on and your work ethic is obsessive like mine, PM me. If it’s something I believe it I will a absolutely help with funding.

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What are you looking for when considering applying for a job at a startup?

I am wondering what others are looking for when discovering a job at a company and doing their research about it:

I'll write my own list here: – company culture – salary range – recruitment process – venture backed

I am curious also where can you find info regarding what you are looking for. I find it very difficult to do such a research, both for well established and new start ups. Most start ups focus on communicating around what they are building (can’t blame that!), but once that round of funding hit the bank account and they are looking to hire, no one know how the things are really running inside the company. It’s only me who sees things like this?

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Looking For Startup Experience / AngelList.Co thoughts.

I’ve attempted to make my own startup twice now and each time I fail to get off the ground. My services/product are sound, I have a good business model (not perfect). I think what I lack is a following or good marketing skills. So I decided to work on other projects for a little while to build up a network and learn from others.

In any case, I did some reading and learned about AngelList.co. Boy oh boy, what a site this has been. At first it seemed pretty cool. Startups from all over posting for help. I started to apply to a couple that were aligned with my interests and experience.

Well… wow.

1st Interview:

Did not happen like I thought. Founder scheduled an interview for 3pm but ended up calling me at 11:30pm. I was already asleep (I take sleep kind of seriously). So I answered and this guy’s mic must have been in his throat.

Founder: “Is this ____”

Me: “Yes, speaking.”

Founder: “I am calling about the ____ position with ____. You applied online.”

Me: “Ah yes. It seems like a really good business proposition. I have a number of ideas and frameworks that could potentially enhance it.”

Founder: “That’s great. I don’t have MVP or anything yet. Just a concept.”

—- At this point I was a little agitated. He calls at 11:30pm and basically has nothing? On his ad on AngelList he said he had already tested the product and was looking for someone to make enhancements.

Conversation lasted for about 5 more minutes until I realized this guy was dreaming and not serious. The interview basically flipped and I was asking him questions: “do you have funding? Do you have dedicated users? Have you started a marketing campaign?” The answer to all of these were no. The final question I asked was “what can I do for you?” To which his response was: “It sounds like you are really smart and would be great for the startup. But I don’t like that this would be a side hustle for you. I need someone who can build the entire project and be dedicated to it.”

Really dude? You’re offering 5% equity with no mvp and you want someone to build your entire app without salary? “Thanks for the call.”

The next two interviews basically went the same way. People who were desperate for folks to build them a product but had nothing to give other than weak assurances that their product would be a success. I had one guy tell me the position was competitive because he had a silicon valley veteran working on his investor team. I almost puked on the phone.

Yes I’m new to this world but I know con-men pretty well. It seems like a lot of these positions are really just folks trying to lure people in with promises but offer no real compensation or value and then want to boss you around… like… wtf…

In any case. If anyone knows where to find REAL opportunities I would love to take a stab at a startup. I don’t need immediate compensation but it would be nice if the position was at least something manageable without being darn near suicidal. I have work experience. I am knowledgeable in Data science, full stack dev, product design.

Just need some folks who can guide me towards legit resources. My next step is to join the local incubator and see if someone will pick me up there.


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Nigeria’s Agrorite is latest player looking to make an impact in agri-funding sector – Disrupt Africa

Nigeria’s Agrorite is latest player looking to make an impact in agri-funding sector  Disrupt Africa
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

Lots of you have good advice for finding good tech leads/cofounders, but what advice do you have for tech leads looking for good startups/businesses to come in on?

Title says it all. I'm a mid level developer, but as I move more into senior roles, I know I want to take a more technical lead on projects, with the hope of moving into a technical side cofounder role. How to pick the right startup, at the right time?

I mean its either this or a big money jump to FAANG or fintech as a senior.

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I have a product, in the early stages of putting together a business plan, but I’m an engineer and have a lot of questions, I am not so much looking for answers as I am looking for the resources to answer them

I have a product I make myself, and I have started distributing the product to consumers to get some early feedback and to spread the word about the product. I am really excited about the potential for said product (its a food). I have a logo that I made on one of the those websites that comes up when you google "logo maker". I have a ton of things I want to know. First off what kind of liscensing, approvals, etc are needed for me to sell legally and with less liability. I also have been looking into the whole LLC vs S corp vs this vs that. I was also wondering about taxes and accounting, are these things that at the beginning you have someone maybe less qualified such as a recent college graduate handle and then later on move to using professionals, do you start with professionals right off the bat. For the logo it seemed pretty cheap to buy it off the website, does anyone have any experience with that and if so is it easy or is it better to use something else, and if so what. I'm not so much looking for an answer to these questions but more so who are people I could approach with these types of questions, I feel like the bank is obviously going to be knowledgeable about what type of liability you want to have and what works for your business, but for some of the other items what kinds of people do I need to reach out to. Anything is helpful, and for whoever is going to give me some shit about googling such and such thing I have obviously done that, this is just some auxiliary help. Thank you.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!