Does anyone know of a service similar to Fiverr

I am looking for a website similar to Fiverr that will allow me to sell, offer maintenance, or upgrade PCs. The thing about Fiverr is I live in the United States and am under 18 which Fiverr doesn’t allow due to tax papers. Does anyone know of a website that will let me do this but without the requirement of being over 18 if I live in the United States? I’ve tried a handful of websites already but none have allowed me to sell PCs, it’s all just normal office jobs.

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Berlin-based Sennder crosses €820M in valuation after securing €131.64M in series D funding: Here is all you need to know


There are few companies that can continue a growth streak, especially after last year. However, the Berlin-based digital road freight forwarder Sennder is a company that has shown remarkable growth over the years. It is now continuing its growth streak as it raises €131.64M in its series D funding round. With the latest funding, the company’s valuation surpassed €820M.

Funding details

In its latest series D funding round, Sennder raised a notable €131.64M. Participants in the round included all of the company’s existing investors such as Accel, Lakestar, HV Capital, Project A and Scania, among others. With this funding round, the total amount raised by the company till date stands above €214M. The company plans to invest €82.3M from fresh funds into growing and developing its technologies.

The latest investment will also help Sennder expand its 200-people technology team and accelerate its research and development into automation, digitalisation, optimisation and decarbonisation of road freight. It will also channel funds towards expanding its business into new European markets and replicating the success it witnessed with Poste Italiane. Through the Italian joint venture, Sennder is said to have helped the business save 6% of its €100m annual spending and it aims to replicate the same with its other partners. 

David Nothacker, CEO and Co-Founder of sennder, says, “As a data-driven company, we contribute to making the logistics industry fit for a sustainable future; ensuring transparency, flexibility and efficiency in the distribution of goods. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of a digitalised logistics industry. Throughout 2020, we helped our carriers increase their profitability by enhancing operating margins by up to 80% during a challenging time.“

Enabling transparency and efficiency

Sennder is a road freight forwarder that banks on digitisation of the sector to provide its services. The company directly connects enterprise shippers with trucking companies via its proprietary technology, which is said to provide greater transparency and efficiency to both carriers and shippers. It also uses data to optimise route efficiency, which not only decreases the cost of transportation but also helps in reducing the environmental impact of road freight.

Sennder predicts that it will move over 1M truckloads this year, making it Europe’s leading digital road freight forwarder. Founded in 2015 by David Nothacker, Julius Köhler and Nicolaus Schefenacker, the company now has over 800 employees, which work across its seven international offices. It enables transport services for over 10 organisations listed in the German DAX 30, and 11 companies from the Euro Stoxx 50. 

The year 2020 was notable for Sennder as the company merged with French competitor Everoad in June and  acquired Uber Freight’s European business in September.

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[Tala in Opera News] Do You Know Ipesa? These are the Best Mobile Loan Apps In kenya

Tala is top mobile loan app,its effective , reliable and convenient.Tala initially called mkopo rahisi then it changed it name to Tala.Within 5 minutes after sending your application,you are certain to get your money sent to your phone.

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Former CEO Alexander Klöpping bids farewell to his digital news aggregator Blendle, 6 months after acquisition: Check out this article to know why.


Last year, Netherland-based digital news aggregator Blendle was acquired by its French competitor Cafeyn for an undisclosed amount. Soon after the acquisition, Alexander Klopping stepped down as CEO and took a seat on Cafeyn’s board to further develop Blendle’s journalistic vision.

Bids farewell to Blendle

In a recent move, Alexander Klöpping, co-founder of Blendle, bids farewell to his digital kiosk as he wants to focus on new things. 

On his official Medium page, he said, “This month will be my last month at Blendle. After almost eight years, I’m ready to move on.”

Klopping adds, “I’m not sure yet what’s next. But I knew that I first needed to take the hard step to leave because I care too much about you and this company to be able to truly think freely about what’s next for me. My curiosity tends to lead me in all kinds of directions. I think I’ll manage less and build new things. But we’ll see”

“My heart belongs to Blendle, so quitting is not easy. Even though I’ve been preparing mentally, it’s still a wrench to let go of my baby. It’s also very hard for me to take a couple of steps back and comprehend what I’ve *really* learned over the last years. What I’ve *really* appreciated. What I’ll *really* miss. It’ll take time to fully appreciate the depth of this big adventure. …”

iTunes for Dutch newspapers

Founded by Alexander Klöpping, and Marten Blankesteijn in 2014, Blendle allows readers to pay for individual articles from major publishers, instead of having to pay a monthly subscription. 

Till date, the company has raised €7M in funding from various investors including INKEF Capital, Nikkei Inc, The New York Times, and others.

With the acquisition, the Cafeyn Group of companies now offers more than 2500 newspapers and magazines and serves over 1.5 million active users across Europe. The company brings the best of both companies and apps together into a unified experience.

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Etoro to suspend cyrpto services in the Netherlands: Here’s what you need to know


Companies in the fintech sector enjoy benefits of offering digital services for their consumers. However, the Israel-based social trading and investment Etoro will reportedly stop offering all crypto services on its platform in the Netherlands. First reported by RTL Z, the company was unable to get its crypto services registered at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in time, and thus, it will discontinue offering crypto services on its platform, in the Netherlands.

Forced to sell cryptocurrencies

Silicon Canals reached out to eToro to learn more about the current situation. In a media statement, it says, “eToro is in the process of registering as a crypto service provider with De Nederlandsche Bank NV (DNB). Until the application is decided upon, eToro will no longer be able to provide crypto services to users in the Netherlands. We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause.” However, the unicorn assures that its non-crypto services will be offered as usual for its Dutch customers.

Etoro also told SC that no new crypto accounts will be opened from December 31 and their users’ existing crypto-trading accounts will be closed on January 23. This means the users will need to sell all the cryptocurrency in their account before the stated date, even if it means incurring a loss. Alternatively, they can also withdraw crypto assets from their eToro Wallet to any other digital wallet or blockchain address by 11:00 pm CET on January 23, 2021. 

The initial report also states that a group of “duped crypto investors” is considering taking legal action against the company. Such groups are said to be uniting on the platform Etorosluitmijncrypto where they mention their severe disadvantage due to Etoro’s tussle with The Netherlands Bank. 

Strict regulations 

The Netherlands has some strict regulations in place to protect consumers when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Back in 2019, DNB announced new rules for companies trading in crypto, which were said to be necessary for preventing money laundering. Back in May in 2020, the deadline for getting registered as a crypto services supplier expired and DNB has not commented whether Etoro was late in submitting its application. 

The report quotes the crypto expert Madelon Vos, who says more crypto trading companies might soon stop their services in the Netherlands since they’ve not completed their registration with the DNB. As per Vos, 48 companies have applied for the registration while only 15 are currently registered. 

Vos also comments that the Netherlands is stricter than other countries in terms of cryptocurrency trading. “The costs of the registration are also unclear. And you may wonder whether this registration, actually a license, must be done with DNB or the Financial Markets Authority.”

About Etoro

Based out of Israel, Etoro commenced its operations back in 2007. The company operates on a global scale, with over 12 million registered users on its platform. As per Dealroom’s information, the company is valued at a notable €2.3B and employees over 1400 people worldwide. 

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Corporate Wellness Market: Know Key Driving Factors, Industry Applications with latest Trends & Forecast 2027 – openPR

Corporate Wellness Market: Know Key Driving Factors, Industry Applications with latest Trends & Forecast 2027  openPR
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

Hootsuite acquires Belgium, New York-based startup Sparkcentral; Here’s everything you need to know

Hootsuite Sparkcentral

Hootsuite, a social media management platform, has announced the acquisition of Sparkcentral, a Belgium and New York-based startup offering customer service software. However, the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

“Brands and organisations must grow their digital capabilities to connect with their customers on the social and messaging platforms their customers use, not the other way around. These customer engagements need to seamlessly connect into the brand and organisation’s workflow across all customer-facing departments—marketing, sales, customer support, finance, etc.,” says Tom Keiser, CEO, Hootsuite. “With Sparkcentral joining Hootsuite, we enable brands of all sizes to create a holistic, agile, and effective experience for their customers.”

Provides one-to-one messaging channels

Founded by Davy Kestens, and Matthew Finneran in 2011, Sparkcentral is a customer engagement tool that helps customer support teams manage social inquiries in an efficient and streamlined way. 

In the process, the platform pulls in the messages from these social channels and presents them to customer care teams via a secure agent console that automatically assigns the messages to the first available agent.

Currently, Sparkcentral works with leading brands such as Air Canada, Slack, JetBlue, Axa, and Careem. So far, the company has raised $ 37.6M (approx €30.5M) in funding since its inception. 

How this acquisition benefits Hootsuite?

With this acquisition, Hootsuite shall tap into the core of Sparkcentral, which is an automated message distribution platform to connect all facets of the customer care workflow. It will enable both the companies to provide better customer care for brands, as over half of the populations of the world are now present in the social media platform. 

As businesses continue to shift their process online, digital customer engagement will only become more competitive. Moreover, the global pandemic has rapidly accelerated digital transformation efforts, driving more customer interaction online. 

“We have built a robust social customer care platform to enable some of the world’s leading brands with scalable SLA based engagement throughout every step of the customer journey—from the marketing and sales phase to the post-sales phase,” says Christoph Neut, former CEO, Sparkcentral, now VP, Sales at Hootsuite. “Together, our two best-in-breed technologies will be a disruptive force, as we support organisations of all sizes in providing their customers with the highest level of customer care at scale.”

13th acquisition

Based out of Vancouver, Hootsuite has over two-hundred thousand paid accounts and millions of users. It is worth mentioning that Sparkcentral is Hootsuite’s 13th acquisition. Other acquisitions include LiftMetrix, AdEspresso, Sales Prodigy, Zeetl, UberVU, and more. 

Appointed new Senior VP

A couple of days back, the company also announced the appointment of Melissa Murray Bailey as Senior Vice President, Global Sales. According to the company, Bailey will focus on high growth, customer value, and retention—brings over two decades of experience in sales, leadership, international business, and winning.

New functionalities on Instagram

Back in December 2020, Hootsuite unveiled a host of new Instagram functionalities that allows users to collaborate with their teams to create and schedule content, engage with their audiences, and track performance in real-time, all in the same dashboard. 

The official blog says, “In 2020, Hootsuite made its customers’ #instalife simpler and more secure with new functionalities that enabled scheduling and publishing of photos, videos, Stories, and carousels to Instagram directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.”

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