EU-Startups Job Board: 5 cool diverse startup jobs waiting for you in Europe

Recently we re-launched the EU-Startups job board, and were pleasantly surprised to see that despite the current pandemic, many startups are still continuing to hire and focus on team growth. Today we wanted to highlight just how broad the types of jobs on the EU-Startups job board can be, covering specialisms like coding, to sales, to…

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Steve Jobs talks about Idea Disease

I loved this video by Garry Tan. In it Steve Jobs talks about how between the idea and the final product there's one key ingredient oft forgotten: craftsmanship.

But what is craftsmanship? In the rest of the video, Garry Tan talks about the Disney Way of building a product. At 3:23 you get Steve Jobs again, but learning about the Disney is very important.

For app startups, craftsmanship means UI/UX. There have been so many times when bosses have taken me away from the job of making the app "feel right" instead of something clunky. If your boss, or if your runway is preventing you from making something that "feels right," re-evaluate, because there is no coming back from clunky.

edited: one commenter felt I was being misleading. Sorry you feel that way. I was just so moved by the first 10 seconds. Steve Jobs talks again at 3:23.

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HumanForest suspends London e-bike sharing service, cuts jobs after customer accident

UK-based startup HumanForest has suspended its nascent ‘free’ e-bike service in London this week, after experiencing “mechanical” issues and after a user had an accident on one of its bikes, TechCrunch has learned. The suspension has also seen the company make a number of layoffs with plans to re-launch next spring using a different e-bike.

The service suspension comes only a few months after HumanForest started the trial in North London — and just a couple of weeks after announcing a $ 2.3M seed round of funding backed by the founders of Cabify and others.

We were tipped to the closure by an anonymous source who said they were employed by the startup. They told us the company’s e-bike had been found to have a defect and there had been an accident involving a user, after which the service was suspended. They also told us HumanForest fired a bunch of staff this week with little warning and minimal severance.

Asked about the source’s allegations, HumanForest confirmed it had suspended its service in London following a “minor accident” on Sunday, saying also that it had identified “problems of a similar nature” prior to the accident but had put down those down to “tampering or minor mechanical issues”.

Here’s its statement in full: “We were not aware that the bike was defective. There had been problems of a similar nature which were suspected to be tampering or minor mechanical issues. We undertook extra mechanical checks which we believed had resolved the issue and informed the supplier. We immediately suspended operations following the minor accident on Sunday. The supplier is now investigating whether there is a more serious problem with the e-bike.”

In an earlier statement the startup also told us: “There was an accident last week. Fortunately, the customer was not hurt. We immediately withdrew all e-bikes from the street and we have informed the supplier who is investigating. Our customers’ safety is our priority. We have, therefore, decided to re-launch with a new e-bike in Spring 2021.”

HumanForest declined to offer any details about the nature of the defect that caused it to suspend service but a spokeswoman confirmed all its e-bikes were withdrawn from London streets the same day as the accident, raising questions as to why it did not do so sooner — having, by its own admission, already identified “similar problems”.

The spokeswoman also confirmed HumanForest made a number of job cuts in the wake of the service suspension.

“We are very sorry that we had to let people go at this difficult time but, with operations suspended, we could only continue as a business with a significantly reduced team,” she said. “We tried very hard to find a way to keep people on board and we looked at the possibility of alternative contractual arrangements or employment but unfortunately, there are no guarantees of when we can re-launch.”

“Employees who had been with the company for less than three months were on their probation period which, as outlined in their contract, had one week’s notice. We will be paying their salaries until the end of the month,” she said, reiterating that it’s a difficult time for the startup.

The e-bikes HumanForest was using for the service appear to be manufactured by the Chinese firm Hongji — but are supplied by a German startup, called Wunder Mobility, which offers both b2c and b2b mobility services.

We contacted both companies to ask about the e-bike defect reported by HumanForest.

At the time of writing only Wunder Mobility had responded — confirming it acts as “an intermediary” for HumanForest but not offering any details about the nature of the technical problem.

Instead, it sent us this statement, attributed to its CCO Lukas Loers: “HumanForest stands for reliable quality and works continuously to improve its services. In order to offer its customers the best possible range of services in the sharing business, HumanForest will use the winter break to evaluate its findings from the pilot project in order to provide the best and most sustainable solution for its customers together with Wunder Mobility in the spring.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information about specific defects on the vehicles, as we have only acted as an intermediary. Only the manufacturer or the operator HumanForest can comment on this,” it added.

In a further development this week, which points to the competitive and highly dynamic nature of the nascent micromobility market, another e-bike sharing startup, Bolt — which industry sources suggest uses the same model of e-bike as HumanForest (its e-bike is visually identical, just painted a more lurid shade of green) — closed its e-bike sharing service in Paris, a few months after launching in the French capital.

When we contacted Bolt to ask whether it had withdrawn any e-bikes because of technical issues it flat denied doing so — saying the Paris closure was a business decision, and was not related to problems with its e-bike hardware.

“We understand some other companies have had issues with their providers. Bolt hasn’t withdrawn any electric bikes from suppliers due to defects,” a spokesperson told us, going on to note it has “recently” launched in Barcelona and trailing “more announcements about future expansion soon”.

In follow up emails the spokesperson further confirmed it hasn’t identified any defects with any e-bikes it’s tested, nor withdrawn any bikes from its supplier.

Bolt’s UK country manager, Matt Barrie, had a little more to say in a response to chatter about the various micromobility market moves on Twitter — tweeting the claim that: “Hardware at Bolt is fine, all good, the issues that HumanForest have had are with their bespoke components.”

“The Paris-Prague move is a commercial decision to support our wider business in Prague. Paris a good market and we hope to be back soon,” he added.

We asked HumanForest about Barrie’s claim that the technical issues with its hardware are related to “bespoke components” — but its spokeswoman declined to comment.

HumanForest’s twist on the e-bike sharing model is the idea of offering free trips with in-app ads subsidizing the rides. Its marketing has also been geared towards pushing a ‘greener commute’ message — touting that the e-bike batteries and service vehicles are charged with certified renewable energy sources.

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8 tech jobs in the European crypto and blockchain space right now

Looking for a new job is a pretty exciting experience. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially in the current global climate. Where do I start? How do I put myself out there? What can I do to help my chances? Who is hiring? These are all very valid questions, particularly if you’re looking for a job in the tech space. 

Looking forward to working at a tech startup? Check out from hundreds of jobs available right now by clicking here.

The main question all job-hunters have these days is ‘who exactly is recruiting right now?’ As a result of the global outbreak of COVID-19, companies all over the world put a firm hold on hiring. However, it seems as though things are getting better, and many businesses are actively recruiting once more (exciting!).

So, we decided to put a list of some roles together, to show you what is on offer in the world of European tech, specifically in the crypto/ blockchain space. 

Good luck! 

Head of Content, Provisn. 

Provisn combines all the most trustworthy, important, exclusive, tools and indicators across the entire crypto-sphere into a singular platform. This all in one solution is something that you can trust, and will be THE crypto source to navigate the market with confidence, or educated from ground zero through original content and an extremely personalized approach.  The company believes that there is value for everyone in crypto, and through education will create a better life for all.

At the moment, Provisn are on the lookout for a talented Head of Content, who will be responsible for creating original media, writing, community management and job associated admin. It should be noted that you must be located in Amsterdam for this role, remote applications will not be considered. 

Python Developer, Crypto Startup. 

A company in London is actively seeking a Python Developer to join their Crypto Trading Start-up. You will be joining a growing team of multicultural engineers who embrace TDD, Clean Code and Refactoring in an agile environment. They consider themselves to be passionate about helping their customers exceed expectations.

The Python Developer will be working closely with the CTO and another Senior Developer on the OTC Trading platform. In this role, you will be surrounded by individuals just like yourself. You will gain experience with decoupled systems, complex systems and feature specifications within the Crypto Trading industry.

Blockchain Developer,’s IT team is responsible for the design, development, and operation of their system infrastructure and high-traffic networks. As a Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of revamping the existing cashier system and infrastructure for their ICO launch.

You will also drive all the company’s future blockchain-based projects. Your work will greatly contribute to the architecture that drives their high-traffic binary options trading website. In this role, you will work closely with both technical and non-technical teams to develop and integrate blockchain solutions for the business while providing technical leadership on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

Tech Lead, ConsenSys. 

ConsenSys is a blockchain software technology company focused on building infrastructure, tools, and products for Institutions, Enterprises, and developers. Their mission is to drive adoption of the decentralised world wide web (Web3) and the Ethereum ecosystem. 

If you are someone that thrives in a fast-paced environment where being self-directed, determined, and resilient are a requirement, then this is the role for you. They are looking for someone with 6+ years building secure applications as a software engineer. You will be an expert in Javascript and Node.js, and have excellent communication skills.

Sales Executive, LATOKEN.

LATOKEN is the No. 1 IEO launchpad worldwide and a top 10 global crypto exchange. Their mission is to connect investors with entrepreneurs, helping them to build the future and making capital markets and the financial services industry more efficient.

Currently, the company is looking for a Sales Executive, responsible for expanding the company presence in the London region. Successful hires will start off with a two-month LATOKEN Bootcamp Program focused on learning to find and onboard great projects for listing on LATOKEN Exchange. 

In terms of what the company is looking for, 2-3 years of networking experience in the crypto/blockchain sector is a must, along with a Solid grasp of what value digital asset exchanges bring to projects, how a digital asset exchange business model works, how startups raise funds through an IEO/STO, the latest key industry trends, etc. 

Software Engineer, Nichols Digital Limited.

An exciting software company specialising in Crypto/ Blockchain are looking for a remote Software Engineer. The applications interact with the operating system, components and server side APIs. You will have a background of building software packages, desktop applications and command line utilities. 

You will also have a GitHub repository or similar to demonstrate your previous work. Required skills include TypeScript, Node.js, CI / CD tools such as Github actions, Gitlab CI or Google Cloud Build and Linux and Windows development.

If you’re not based in the UK, ideally you will be within 1-2 hours of the UK time zone.

Head of Legal and Compliance, Crypto Currencies Trading Start Up. 

As the Head of Legal & Compliance you will have responsibility across a number of different areas. These include, but are not limited to, AML/KYC, Compliance Monitoring and Surveillance, Regulatory Adherence, Contracts and advice to the businesses. Further responsibilities include writing policy for the legal and compliance framework Horizon scan, mitigating risk to the businesses Delivering advice, both in real time and generally.

You will be responsible for training and development across legal and compliance topics.  To be successful in this role you will need to have a strong working knowledge of the Crypto Currencies and Blockchain market. You will also need to tangibly demonstrate your ability to lead on Legal and Compliance. 

Business Development Associate, Bitstamp. 

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-standing cryptocurrency exchange is looking for an experienced corporate and institutional business development representative to join their London business development team.

This is an opportunity to join a growing international company with a leading position in one of the most promising sectors of finance.

They are already the largest crypto exchange in Europe and are now looking to ramp up a presence in the UK. You will get a chance to shape Bitstamp’s image in the UK, as well as the global brand perception from both a strategic and operational level. To be successful in this role you will need experience in business development roles, exceptional communication skills coupled with strong organisational skills and a mandatory understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain tech. 

By Rebecca O’Keeffe, Content Creator, Jobbio.

Be sure to keep a close eye on Silicon Canals jobs for even more exciting opportunities. 

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Swedish e-scooter brand Voi chosen to run transport trial across West Midlands, promises to create 120 jobs

Voi, the Sweden-based e-scooter company has gained an exclusive contract to launch its revolutionary mobility service to the West Midlands in the UK. The company will work hand-in-hand with Transport for West Midlands and come up with an exciting way to reach 5.9 million residents in the region. The trial will cover the largest European market awarded by tender to a single operator.

Partnership with West Midlands

As a part of the partnership with West Midlands, Voi offers e-scooter rides at £1 to unlock and £0.20 per minute. Also, it creates over 120 FTE jobs and integrates completely with the local transport system that works along with Network West Midlands, Swift Mobile and NetNav.

Voi subscriptions can be obtained for £10 per day or £40 per month along with subsidised Voi-4-All Passes for the low-income groups at a cost of £10 per month. It also supports key workers with free rides and provides support to local businesses and lets them extend delivery services.

The distinctive coral e-scooters from Voi will hit the streets of Birmingham and Coventry this month. Later, the same will be available in other locations. The partnership between Voi and West Midlands follows that of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Northamptonshire. In these regions, Voi will launch its e-scooters and e-bike sharing schemes. The first e-scooters are up for hire on the Northamptonshire streets. With the launch of this service, Voi now operates in over 45 cities across 11 European countries.

Safety is a priority!

Under this partnership, an online traffic school, #RideLikeVoila has been launched for local riders. It provides incentives that will encourage riders to take a course before they start riding. Also, the company provides safety helmets and pop-ups at special events along with rider training.

Moreover, adapting to the new normal, the company continues to rollout the Shieldex Copper-Tape to handlebars of the e-scooters. It is touted to kill 99.98% of coronavirus on contact. Furthermore, Voi also disinfects the e-scooters on a daily basis. The app provides safety tips to stay safe from COVID-19.

This partnership from Voi comes at a time when schools are open and normal activities have started to resume and there is a necessity for quick, convenient and COVID-19 safe mode of transportation.

Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO of Voi Technology, said, “We are delighted to announce that we will soon be offering the Voi e-scooter service in the West Midlands – a region that has played a significant role in the history of transport, from cars to rail and aviation. Today’s transport innovations are all about helping people to get out of their cars and making greener choices.

“We are seeing the biggest change in a hundred years for the way people travel and Voi is here to help the West Midlands make the most of the opportunity. We can’t wait to get started.”

Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, said, “The West Midlands is proud to be leading the way on future transport development, and it is great to be able to partner with Voi and reveal our plans for e-scooters across the region.”

“As well as the improvements to our transport network, e-scooters could also be a much needed boost for the region’s economy, helping to attract people back into our town and city centres. It is a great coup for the West Midlands to be at the forefront of the Government’s e-scooter trial, and I look forward to continuing to work with Voi and local authorities to make sure we maximise the potential of e-scooters across the region.”

Main image picture credits: Voi

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Amber Drinks Ltd to create jobs, combat employment for the Nigerian population as they unveil the AMBER-SSADOR Empowerment Scheme – 360aproko

Amber Drinks Ltd to create jobs, combat employment for the Nigerian population as they unveil the AMBER-SSADOR Empowerment Scheme  360aproko
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News