The Midwest Fund launches, brings The Fund’s innovative investment strategy to a fifth market – TechCrunch

The Midwest Fund launches, brings The Fund’s innovative investment strategy to a fifth market  TechCrunch
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The 2021 UnionX Innovation Challenge to support innovative startups across Nigeria – Tech in Africa

The 2021 UnionX Innovation Challenge to support innovative startups across Nigeria  Tech in Africa
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

Renewable Energy Leader Iberdrola Seeks Innovative Solutions That Help Decarbonize The Industrial Sector

The fight against climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity must face in the 21st century and we all need to be involved in the process of moving toward a decarbonized economy that is based on renewable energy.

The minimum target of 32% renewable energy by 2030, set by the European Parliament and the Council in the Renewables Directive, is achievable. However, it will only be possible in an economic scenario with high levels of decarbonization and electrification of the economy, as well as by using decarbonized fuels in regions that are difficult to electrify.

For this, Iberdrola, through its VC PERSEO and in collaboration with the European Council’s Energy4Planet initiative, launches the Industrial Heat Challenge. The Challenge is looking for new innovative solutions that allow to automate the design and drive the integration of energy efficiency and clean technologies. Iberdrola believes these innovations will decarbonize industrial processes, where supplying emission-free heat is the biggest challenge.

Solutions to Reduce Industrial CO2 Emissions & Increase Energy Efficiency

The Iberdrola group has always been 20 years ahead of the current energy transition. Today, the group boasts an unprecedented 75-billion-euro investment plan up until 2025 to maintain its position at the forefront of the energy revolution. Iberdrola helps the world’s leading economies by consolidating its business model based on more renewable energy, more grids, more storage, and more smart solutions for customers.

Transforming the electricity energy supply is fundamental to decarbonization. Through renewable energy, emerging companies create sustainable and efficient energy frameworks. However, the high reliance on fossil fuels in sectors including power, transportation, construction, and industry make them hard-to-abate sectors.

Iberdrola is looking to help these industries on their energy transition journey. By supporting and investing in ad-hoc solutions for factories that boost energy efficiency while also reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Iberdrola helps emissions-heavy industries make a feasible transition toward decarbonization and energy efficiency.

For example, industrial heat benefits from greater use of electricity for the low and medium temperature processes, through the application of heat pumps, in combination with energy efficiency measures. On the other hand, high-temperature processes aim at electrification combined with fuel-switching to diminish associated emissions.

Are you ready to join the Challenge?

Iberdrola’s new challenge seeks competitive and innovative solutions that allow them to automate the design and integration of energy efficiency improvements to boost decarbonization efforts of industrial processes. Some examples of the desired solutions include:

  • Automation of project design for decarbonization of industrial processes using software tools
  • Hybridization of clean technologies, for example:
    • Heat pumps
    • Electric furnaces
    • Energy efficiency measures
    • Green hydrogen
    • Self-consumption by distributed renewable energy
  • Energy Consumption & Savings Simulations
  • Project finance calculations based on project CAPEX and OPEX inputs:
    • Investment Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Payback Periods (PB)

In addition, Iberdrola is looking for solutions that are:

  • Scalable
  • Replicable
  • Easy to implement
  • Can be integrated into industrial plants for ad-hoc results

What Your Business Gets out of the Challenge

The selected project will be developed in collaboration with the technical specialists from the Iberdrola Industrial Heating and Cooling team.

The prize will consist of signing a collaboration and test agreement with Iberdrola, who will assume the costs and provide the winner with the necessary technical support, giving access to infrastructures and real data to test the solution.

If the PoC is satisfactory, Iberdrola may offer the winner the opportunity to scale up their solution by means of commercial agreements. In addition, PERSEO may consider investing in your solution.

How to join the Industrial Heat Challenge

  • 10.02.2021 – Public Launch of the Iberdrola Industrial Heat Challenge
  • 07.03.2021 – Application Deadline
  • March – April 2021 – Evaluation of all proposals

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to collaborate with a global renewables leader & apply for the Iberdrola Industrial Heat Challenge today!




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[Nanomedic in Health Europa] Discover the innovative Spincare Wound Care System

Israel-based Nanomedic is a bio-medical therapeutics high-tech company ‎specialising in development, manufacturing, and sale of medical devices based on electrospinning ‎technology. 

Read more here.

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Meet the 15 most innovative companies from Amsterdam, according to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

Innovation is one of the key pillars of success, and there is no debate in this. Understanding the importance of innovation, several Dutch startups have come up with unique technologies to resolve the major challenges faced by people. If we have to rate them based on the innovation they have brought in, then a majority of them have turned successful and are operating in the market currently.

This is where KvK Innovation Top 100 – an initiative that operates with the mission to showcase what SMEs are capable of in the Netherlands – comes to play. It is an opportunity for startups to increase their visibility. This initiative is meant for innovative Dutch entrepreneurs running small and medium-sized businesses.

The Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) is the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. According to its website, it is an independent administrative body that informs, advises and supports businesses and manages the Commercial Register. “Our mission is to make life easier for you as an entrepreneur,” it says. The daily operations of the KvK are supervised by the four members of the Board of Directors (Raad van Bestuur or RvB in Dutch).

On January 21, 2021, the KvK presented the ranking for the 15th time with 100 concrete innovations realised by Dutch small and medium-sized businesses. Here are the 15 Amsterdam-based startups that made it to the list.

Image credits: Easee


Founder/s: Yves Prevoo
Founded year: 2017
Funding: NA

Easee has developed an online eye test that you can do at home easily without having to leave the house. This eye test is as accurate as when you have your eyes tested by an optician. As per the company, its mission is to make complete and accurate spectacles for everyone.

“With a laptop, a smartphone and three meters of space, you can now test your eyes at home. This innovation reduces waiting times for eye care. Costs are saved, quality is increased,” says KVK.

Image credits: BrainCreators


Founder/s: Gerbert Kaandorp, Jasper Wognum, Peter Eijk
Founded year: 2016
Funding: €50k

BrainCreators comprises a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence with expertise in both enterprise software engineering and machine learning. The company brings businesses to the forefront of digital transformation. It offers training, consultancy, and implementation services to these businesses so that they can use BrainMatter, its data application platform efficiently.

Image credits: Soft Revolt

Soft Revolt

Founder/s: Elles Roeleveld, Anet van Haaster
Founded year: 2020
Funding: NA

The comfort and looks of a refined lightweight bralette offers core support. Soft Revolt develops wireless bralettes that are known for their comfortable fit and the support they give. The bralettes are for the full cup sizes. Centred on women’s needs, the mission of this company is to be soft to the skin, soft to nature and foremost, soft to wearers.

According to KVK, “The innovation of this first 3D knitted bra is in the patented knitted support. The idea is based on the 3D knitted shoe, the Nike Flyknit. In addition to being an extremely comfortable product for women, it brings enormous innovation to the back of the process: it enables on-site production, reduces transport and saves energy. Production time is reduced by at least half. In addition, knitting has a zero-waste production process. This alone saves up to 90 per cent CO2 emissions per bra.”

Image credits: The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm

Founder/s: Marcel van Wing,
Founded year: 2019
Funding: NA

The Flower Farm, a palm-free margarine brand operates with a mission – ”We are committed to the deforestation of the tropical rainforest by unsustainable palm oil plantations.”

It intends to help save our rain forests that are being destroyed for the production of palm oil. Consumers can now opt for a palm oil-free alternative: margarine from The Flower Farm, which is made with shea butter and without palm oil.

Image credits: Circular IQ

Circular IQ

Founder/s: Roy Vercoulen
Founded year: 2016
Funding: NA

Circular IQ is a cloud-based application that supports businesses in identifying circular economy performance criteria. It makes it easy for them to collect sustainability data throughout supply chains. Notably, mo performance can be compared objectively across products, companies and suppliers.

“Circular IQ is the first software platform with which companies can collect, analyse and report sustainability data in collaboration with their chain. More than 600 organisations in 58 countries, including Fortune 500 companies, are already using this,” according to KVK website.

Image credits: Owlin


Founder/s: Sjoerd Leemhuis, Bas van Ooyen , Richard Kraayenhaagen
Founded year: 2012
Funding: €3.3M

Owlin backed by Rockstart develops cutting-edge, real-time data analysis for the financial sector, providing real-time news analysis to a state-of-the-art AI-based platform. The company has built an impressive list of international clientele including Adyen, ING, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, and Fitch Ratings.

Aura Aware

Founder/s: Janneke van den Heuvel
Founded year: 2020
Funding: NA

During the pandemic crisis, Aura Aware developed a smart device, which helps businesses maintain safe social distancing for both themselves and customers. It is a social distance sensor, which warns if customers fail to follow social distancing norms of 2 metres. This smart device uses LIDAR technology employed by self-driving cars for the same purpose.

Image credits: Roam.AI

Geospark (

Founder/s: Jothi Priyadharshan, Manoj Adithya
Founded year: 2017
Funding: €1.1M (formerly known GeoSpark) is an AI location tracking technology for app makers that cuts battery drain by 10x, enables endless possibilities and location triggered analytics. GeoSpark’s patented technology using Artificial Intelligence puts much less strain on the GPS (the system used worldwide to determine your position) without compromising on accuracy.

Image credits: BitesWeLove


Founder/s: Marleen Basart, Peter Paul Menken, Robert Menken
Founded year: 2014
Funding: NA

BitesWeLove uses only natural ingredients and the very best nuts. They combine these with all kinds of other ingredients that they love. As a result, the bites are tasty and good as well. The healthy nut-based snacks come in six flavours, wrapped in colourfully designed bioplastic packaging. Interestingly, the packaging is made of vegetable residual waste instead of plastic, making them completely biodegradable.

Image credits: Yumeko


Founder/s: Rob van den Dool
Founded year: 2010
Funding: NA

Yumeko is an eco-bed and bath company. It produces beautiful and luxury green products for a natural bed and bathroom, including duvets, pillows, bedding, blankets, and towels. These products are made from natural and organic materials including cotton, wool, kapok, and animal-friendly feathers.

Image credits: WordProof


Founder/s: Sebastiaan van der Lans
Founded year: 2018
Funding: €1.4M

WordProof uses a combination of blockchain technology and timestamps to protect and verify the sources of content on the internet, thereby securing proprietary content, minimising the spread of fake news, and detect fraud. It claims to be building a Timestamp Ecosystem, which will support multiple blockchains. It offers a WordPress plugin available to one-third of all websites to access the Timestamp Ecosystem.

Last year, the Netherlands-based Yoast – a leading SEO plugin for WordPress acquired a stake in the company. It also finished first in the ‘Blockchains for social good’ competition hosted by the European Commission. As a result, the company won €1M.

Image credits: Holie

Holie Foods

Founder/s: Merick Schoute, Valentijn van Santvoort
Founded year: 2018
Funding: NA

Helie Foods drives a positive change for the planet. Holie is an impact-company creating conscious food with a positive impact. Notably, 50 per cent of its profits are donated to plant trees to help fight climate change.

“With their business model, Holie challenges the current capitalist system in which companies, at the expense of people and the planet, are primarily out to make a profit. Holie believes in a form of conscious capitalism in which companies take responsibility and use their business as a force to do the right thing,” according to KVK.


Founder/s: Laura Heerema
Founded year: 2017
Funding: NA

GiantLeaps estimates the climatic impact caused by the food that is served. It provides details per dish on the menu or via an analysis of the products that are purchased. The startup provides clear graphics and numbers using Life Cycle Assessment and provides an insight into those products that contribute the most. With this solution, restaurants can measure progress and implement climate-friendly measures too.

Image credits: Overstory


Founder/s: Indra den Bakker, Anniek Schouten, Roelof Pieters
Founded year: 2018
Funding: €1.7M

Overstory applies artificial intelligence to high-resolution satellite imagery to provide real-time analytics of natural resources. Its solutions help forest industry companies, insurance companies, and asset investors to improve decision making with timely and accurate insights into natural resources. It aims to help protect the earth’s forests by providing data-driven and actionable planet intelligence.

Image credits: Capte


Founder/s: Paul Chipault, Sergey Vladimirov
Founded year: 2016
Funding: €125k

Capte develops, produces and integrates smart IoT solutions for transportation, including the range of connected embedded devices for tracking vehicles, drivers and passengers, connectivity and a superior web backend with APIs. Its clients include transportation companies that want to include value-added services for their users such as secure transportation, remote diagnostics and compliance.

Startups – Silicon Canals

That Jigawa Summit On Creating A Viable Innovative Ecosystem — Economic Confidential – Economic Confidential

That Jigawa Summit On Creating A Viable Innovative Ecosystem — Economic Confidential  Economic Confidential
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These powerhouse female VCs are funding Amsterdam’s most innovative and diverse startups

eva de mol female vcs

If you’ve been following this site for a while you would have noticed that startups and scaleups from Amsterdam or the Netherlands raise funding all the time. However, only a small percentage of capital in the Netherlands goes to female entrepreneurs. However, these women are determined to change that and give female entrepreneurs a fair share in raising funds.

Amsterdam supports RISE – Female Hub

With the announcement of its financial support for the RISE – Female hub Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam creates more equal opportunities for women and men in its startup ecosystem. The city invests €750k in the programme. This allows RISE to unite twenty Amsterdam-based organisations to create a three-year programme for ambitious women at different stages of their career.

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Before the programme starts, we take a look at the game-changers – the women leading the way. As entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and now the female VCs shaking up the world by striving for more diversity and equality. These are the VCs you must know about: 

Eva de Mol – CapitalT & Fundright

‘We need to do better’, said Eva de Mol (pictured above) in an interview with Silicon Canals just over a month ago. She was talking about the fact that startups with a female founder receive barely any funding. In the first nine months of 2020, just 1 per cent of venture capital in the Netherlands went to startups led by women. De Mol: “Unacceptable and sad in the twentieth century.”

Read the interview: With female founders receiving hardly any funding, Amsterdam’s push for diversity continues

It’s strong language from a woman with a strong opinion on equality in the startup ecosystem. As a partner of Amsterdam-based CapitalT, which invests in early-stage startups, she’s aiming to change that. Notable examples are female-led businesses as WizeNoze and Blockparty. De Mol is also a member of the Fundright initiative, which is motivating VCs in the Netherlands to invest more and more often in female founders.

Constance Scholten – Slingshot Ventures

Constance Scholten (image: Camarilla)

As an entrepreneur turned investor, Constance Scholten knows what it takes to make it as a woman in the male-dominated startup world. She started her journey in the ecosystem at Travelbird, after which she founded ‘worlds smallest social network’ Camarilla. Her creation was acquired by HR-platform Appical in 2017.

Her experience as an entrepreneur is now being put to good use as the Human Capital Director at Slingshot Ventures. The relatively new VC that has already backed well-known names such as VanMoof and Tiqets. Scholten’s name may also ring a bell from one of the many, many interviews she’s done as one of the most inspiring examples of female founders.

Willemijn Verloop – Rubio Impact Ventures 

Willemijn Verloop

If you’re looking for women that make an impact, look no further than Willemijn Verloop. As the founder of War Child Netherlands, this entrepreneur has been actively making an impact for over a decade now. Looking for more positive change, she then moved on to found Social Enterprise, which supports companies that prioritise their positive impact on the world.

Naturally, when this entrepreneur turned into VC, she kept on looking for positive change. With Rubio Impact Ventures, formerly known as Social Impact Ventures, she’s investing in the future of social entrepreneurs. For instance, Rubio recently participated in the €16M Series B funding round of Mosa Meat, that creates lab-grown beef.  

Marleen Evertsz – Nxchange

Willemijn Evertsz (Image: Nxchange)

Leading the way in fintech, Marleen Evertsz is a force to be reckoned with in the financial business. She started her career at trading firm Optiver, where she worked her way up to managing director responsible for all US activities. She then proceeded to found GoldRepublic, an online marketplace for actual gold. 

Her latest endeavour is Nxchange, which she co-founded. Nxchange is a decentralised stock exchange which connects investors with those looking for funds. The platform makes it possible to place and trade securities on a regulated platform without the intervention of a bank or broker being required and is set to revolutionise capital market transactions. No wonder Evertsz’s new venture won prestigious innovation prizes, all of which is proof that she’s one of the leaders in fintech innovation.

Janneke Niesen – CapitalT

Janneke Niessen (image: CapitalT)

A serial entrepreneur, an investor with multiple exits, a columnist for some of the most popular publications in the country, a mentor to startups, a novelist inspiring girls to pursue a career in tech – the list of Janneke Niessen’s accomplishments goes on and on. She was also recognised in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Deloitte Fast 50 or The Next Women 100. 

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Niessen co-founded CapitalT, where the above-mentioned Eva de Mol also works. She strives towards shifting the balance of VC money to female-founded startups. Niessen also co-initiated the Inspiring Fifty, the European programme that highlights the accomplishments of women in leadership positions within the tech industry. 

Jacqueline van den Ende – Peak Capital

Jacqueline van den Ende

When Rocket Internet asked her to start up an online real estate platform in the Philipines, Jacqueline van den Ende took up the challenge. As founder and CEO, she built up the company to an organisation with over 100 employees. 

That entrepreneurial spirit and experience eventually brought her back to her home country of The Netherlands, where she became a partner of Peak Capital. As one of the leading Dutch investors in SaaS and online marketplaces, it has some notable exits like Catawiki, CheapCargo and IENS. As a partner, Van den Ende paves the way to the top for other women. 

Laura Waldenström – INKEF

Laura Waldenström

Laura Waldenström first made waves as an entrepreneur in the lively Swedish startup scene. She co-founded market intelligence firm Previro. With Waldenström as COO, it didn’t take long for the startup to attract multiple large clients from different countries. 

After gaining experience as an entrepreneur, Waldenström landed in Amsterdam where she is now a senior associate at INKEF Capital. She led the recent Series A funding round for the workplace communication solution of Happeo. The originally Finish startup has an office in Amsterdam as well and is ready for some rapid growth with Waldenström on board.

Anieke Lamers – VC coach

Anieke Lamers

Also looking for impact wherever she goes is Anieke Lamers. As an investment manager at Social Impact Ventures, now known as Rubio, she was involved in sourcing and making deals with startups in the area of eHealth, cleantech/circularity and eLearning. She is also the founder of the Next Generation Impact Investor network, which connects impact funds from all over Europe to share knowledge and experiences.

Late last year, Lamers moved on from being an investor and decided to use her experience to mentor and guide founders and VCs in their quest to make a positive impact on this world. From the start of her career, Lamers has also been a strong voice for more female representation in the business world. She even established an ‘old girls network‘, which connected female professionals to help each other reach the top in a male-dominated world.

Therese Liechtenstein – M Ventures

Therese Liechtenstein (image: Mv Ventures)

An impressive career in the financial and healthcare business and with a PhD in Immuno-Oncology from University College London, an MSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Amsterdam, and a BA in Biology and Business studies from New York University. These qualifications are clear indications that Therese Liechtenstein is not relying on her royal blood to get ahead. Because yeah, she is also a princess of the actual country Liechtenstein.

But more so, Therese Liechtenstein is an accomplished principal of Amsterdam-based M Ventures. She manages the healthcare fund with companies like Forx and Plexium in the portfolio. Thanks to her background, she is also a sought-after speaker for numerous biotech and healthcare conferences.

Simone Brummelhuis – Borski Fund

Simone Brummelhuis

Being a lawyer for prestigious firms, publishing her restaurant guides, owning and selling IENS – the largest online restaurant platform in the Netherlands – to Tripadvisor, and working her way to the top of organisations like Schiphol and Rabobank. Simone Brummelhuis has had a career one can only marvel at. And she’s not even close to being done. She also founded TheNextWomen, which inspires, connects, and advises female entrepreneurs since 2009.

Her latest adventure is called Borski Fund, named after 19th-century investor Johanna Borski. Brummelhuis is its director and partner. It’s a VC fund with a twist that suits her well: it has a strong focus on growth capital for female founders and managers. By actively investing in startups and scaleups with female (co-)founders, Brummelhuis takes new steps in restoring a gender balance and increasing diversity.

Laura Rooseboom – StartGreen Capital

Laura Rooseboom (image: StartGreen)

With a planet in distress, we need people like Laura Rooseboom. She is managing partner of StartGreen Capital, the largest fund manager in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands. Rooseboom has been striving for a positive impact all her career. As the director of Doen Ventures, she was one of the first VCs focused on sustainable companies. She is also the co-founder of OnePlanetCrowd: the crowdfunding platform with a focus on solutions with a positive impact.

Besides having an impact on the planet, Laura also has an impact on the diversity within the startup ecosystem. The above mentioned Borski Fund is an initiative of StartGreen Capital. As a partner in the fund, Rooseboom actively aims to fund more female entrepreneurs or female-led startups.

Startups – Silicon Canals

[Brodmann17 in Analytics Insight] THE 100 MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES OF 2020

Built from the ground up Patented deep learning technology designed for automotive vision, Brodmann17 provides the world’s most efficient ADAS solution with top accuracy for commodity processors, used by leading tier-1 automotive suppliers and fleet management companies for both integrated and aftermarket solutions.

Read more here.

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