Importing Frozen Food

Hi All,

I've been scouring online and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer anywhere for trying to import frozen food. My family owns a pizza company in Canada and I've now moved over to the US. I'm trying to import frozen pizza from Canada to resell here in the US. Does anyone have insight of where to even start with something like this?

Thank you so much everyone!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Tech startups weekly: Vegan frozen meal home delivery, Adyen payments to chat and corporate funding

The European tech startup ecosystem has started focusing on growth and expansion. With this intention, several ambitious tech startups have secured funding to help them take their business to the next level.

European tech startups weekly

As a part of a weekly roundup, here is a list of some of the most important tech startups that have hit the headlines in Europe this week.

Picture credits: Cuure

Personalised vitamin subscription box

Paris-based healthtech startup Cuure has raised a funding of €1.8 million from Newfund Ventures and Kima Ventures. This investment comes at a time when personal health as well as immunity is a priority for everyone and personalised healthcare is more accessible. Cuure will use the fresh fund to expand its consumer base from France to Europe with a major focus on Western Europe.

Founded in 2019 by Hugo Facchin and Jules Marcilhacy, Cuure provides personalised food supplements via a monthly subscription. Users have to answer an online questionnaire and get 30 sachets each of 2 to 8 food supplements to be taken everyday. The startup’s unique aspect is its personalisation aspect and users can cancel the subscription at any given time.

Picture credits: Planty

Vegan frozen meal home delivery

Planty, a UK startup that delivers a vegan frozen meal home to their customers’ doorsteps has bagged €180K in the first seed investment round led by Veg Capital. Other investors to take part in the funding round are Mighty Pea, Native Snacks, and One Planet Pizza. Planty will use the fresh fund to execute its production roadmap and accelerate the growth of its social and environmental mission.

Planty was established in 2019 by Andrea Cavallo, Ali Sheehan-Dare and Joseph Lovell. Since its debut, it brings a modern-day twist to frozen meals. The startup began with a focus on London and has expanded to the rest of the UK after attracting well-known plant-based enthusiasts. The company intends to expand its range of meals along with exciting partnerships.

Picture credits: InfoSum

Decentralised marketing infrastructure

Infosum based out of Basingstoke raised €12.7 million series A funding round led by Upfront Ventures and IA Ventures along with support from strategic partners including Akamai, Ascential, Experian, AT&T’s Xandr and ITV. Infosum will use the investment to accelerate its expansion across Europe and North America. Also, it welcomes Brain Lesser as its Executive Chairman to increase its presence in North America.

Founded in 2016 by Nick Halstead, Infosum has built one of the world’s first decentralised marketing infrastructures. It enables companies of all sizes and industries to collaborate across first and second-party dara sets in order to create a superior customer experience. Its privacy-first soution lets leading brands, enterprises and broadcasters work seamlessly on first-party marketing programmes without compromising on consumer data privacy.

Picture credits: Reachdesk

Direct mail and corporate gifting software platform

Reachdesk, a London-based direct mail and corporate gifting software platform meant for B2B companies has secured €5 million funding led by Five Elms Capital. The startup plans to use the fund to invest in more customer service and product innovation. Also, it intends to expand its team across Europe, the US, and Asia Pacific and invest in a sustainable approach to gifting and direct mail.

Established in 2018 by Alex Olley, Meelan Radia, Jay Radia and Alex Santos, Reachdesk lets sales and marketing professionals to create, manage, scale and measure the ROI of their gifting and direct mail campaigns in a single place. This is possible by integrating offline channels to the existing marketing tech stack of the company.

Picture credits: Dusk Network

Launch of privacy blockchain

Amsterdam-based fintech scaleup Dusk Network has raised over €835K from iFinex Inc. This collaboration has resulted in a way to create a regulated Security Token exchange. This new collaboration comes at a time when DeFi or Decentralised Finance is the trend. And, it lets Dusk Network to take the expertise and network of iFinex to boost the launch of its privacy blockchain for financial markets and develop it further.

Founded in 2018, Dusk Network operates with the mission to enable enterprises of any size to collaborate at scale, meet compliance requirements, and make sure that personal and transaction details are confidential. Its blockchain is used by companies to issue tokens, trade and collaborate via smart contracts.

Picture credits: Shared

Organisational tool for families

French tech startup Coot has secured €3.7 million from a family office and Bpifrance. Besides the funding round, the company has been rebranded Share(d). The fresh investment and its new name will help the company expand across France and beyond and add an international dimension to its project. It aims to expand to Germany in 2021 and intends to translate the application into more languages in the future. Also, the startup will expand to target various family structures too.

Share(d) has been established by Anthony Amouyal in 2017 to simplify family organisation. The company helps separated and blended families stay organised. Also, it avoids disjointed multi-channel communications across post-it notes, email, and WhatsApp. Important information such as contact details of doctors, health insurance cards and other administrative documents can be integrated.

Picture credits: Semalytix

AI solution for pharmaceutical companies

German startup Semalytix has bagged a €4.3 million Series A funding round led by btov Partners along with participation from existing investor Fly Ventures and a slew of unnamed angels. The company intends to expand to deal with more diseases for a wide range of applications.

Semalytix was founded in 2015 by Janik Jaskolski, Matthias Hartung, Philipp Cimiano, and Roman Klinger is an AI solution that supports pharmaceutical companies becoming more customer-focused. It has gathered one billion patient voices for its flagship product Pharos Suite. It is a research tool that collates, processes and cleans up several millions of social media and forum posts and CRM system records.

Picture credits: LiveChat Service

Adyen and LiveChat Service bring payments to chats

Dutch fintech unicorn Adyen and LiveChat Service have signed a global partnership for conversational commerce. Both companies intend to bring ultimate customer experience to the market. As there are rapid advancements in conversational commerce towards ultimate customer experience, both companies have decided to merge their products and bring payments and conversations together.

With this collaboration, it is possible to pay directly within a conversation irrespective of the contact channel that is used. LiveChat Service’s communication platform (CPAAS) links all significant contact channels under, its new name.

Main image picture credits: Planty

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London-based Planty raises €180K to expand its vegan frozen meal home delivery service

UK startup Planty, a vegan frozen meal home delivery service, has secured its first seed investment in round led by Veg Capital of around €180K, as they look to lead the way in frozen meals that are both vegan and nutritional.

Planty launched in 2019 with an initial focus on London as an experiment for their service. Following a huge success, they branched out to the rest of the UK at the start of this year and have attracted the taste buds of some pretty well-known plant-based enthusiasts, as well as being a huge hit with the media. Founded by Andrea Cavallo, Ali Sheehan-Dare and Joseph Lovell, the brand brings a modern-day twist to frozen-meals and will be expanding their range of meals with some exciting partnerships along the way.

A number of home delivery startups have seen surge in demand since the coronavirus pandemic began, whether that be takeaway food, or cook-at-home grocery boxes. Many of these services include plant-based options, however Planty’s focus is entirely on vegan food. Users can choose either 6, 8, or 10 plant-based meals from a carefully designed menu, which are then cooked by chefs and fresh frozen to lock in nutrients and flavours. After picking a delivery date, the meals will be delivered to the address of choice, and can be heated up in the oven or microwave.

In addition to using vegan and locally sourced ingredients, the startup is also working with social and environmental values at the heart of their decision making. All packaging (boxes, insulation, trays, films, and sleeves) is fully recyclable, delivery is carbon neutral, excess food is donated, and the company is working towards obtaining a B Corp certification (officially recognised meeting high standards of social and environmental performance).

This round was led by Veg Capital, who have invested in some of the biggest plant-based brands in the UK market, including Mighty Pea, Native Snacks and One Planet Pizza. Managing Director of Veg Capital, Matthew Glover, shared: “We’re delighted to be investing in Planty as we see huge potential for D2C frozen plant-based ready meals, with the growth of online grocery shopping, and people needing a quick, healthy meal while working from home or returning to the commuting lifestyle. We’ve tried the meals and think they’re extremely tasty. We were impressed by the ambition, enthusiasm and broad skillset of the Founders. They’re a great team!”

“We are beyond excited for the new stages of Planty” explained co-founder and CEO Andrea. “We are delighted to have Veg Capital onboard, who shares strongly our values and vision. With their support, we will be able to aggressively execute our production roadmap, alongside accelerating the growth of our social and environmental mission. We’ve had an exciting start in our venture and look forward to seeing what the future holds with Veg Capital championing us along the way.”


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