How can we discuss racial diversity and inclusion at work? (interviews with founders)

Diversity and inclusion have always been a slightly controversial topic, just brewing under the surface, waiting for a trigger. One of those recent triggers was the killing of George Floyd, which has prompted nationwide protests in the US and globally since it happened in May this year. It has continued to spark conversations about race,…

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5 engaging Europe-based founders to follow on LinkedIn

Linkedin is an amazing platform widely used to connect with colleagues and peers, look for a job, join professional groups, and share business-related updates. For entrepreneurs or those interested in entrepreneurship, Linkedin also offers a unique opportunity to take a peek into the world of successful and experienced business owners, which can be an excellent…

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Nigeria health-tech startup RxAll eligible for $40000 after entering the Founders Factory Africa program – Tech in Africa

Nigeria health-tech startup RxAll eligible for $ 40000 after entering the Founders Factory Africa program  Tech in Africa
“nigeria startups when:7d” – Google News

Kindred Capital closes €88.1M second fund; will repay €5.4M to founders under ‘Equitable Venture’ model

What if a founder could become a co-owner of the fund that’s investing in their company? While it may sound a bit out of ordinary, this is exactly what the VC firm Kindred Capital envisions. The company has come up with a new model for VC and it seems to be working, as the firm has announced paying back €5.4M to founders of the companies it has invested in. The announcement comes after Kindred Capital revealed it has secured €88.1M in its second seed funding round. 

Kindred’s portfolio displays higher funding success 

Quoting Dealroom data, Kindred says, about 19% of startups that raise seed funding go on to raise Series A within 36 months. On the other hand, the firm says that 54% of its Fund I portfolio successfully raised Series A funding within 3 years, which can be attributed to the equitable venture model. 

In Fund I, Kindred Capital invested in 29 companies across Europe. Some notable investments include Five, the company creating software layer for autonomous vehicles; Paddle, which enables firms to sell their software products; Pollen, the invitation-only peer-to-peer marketplace for experiences and travel; Disperse, the AI enabled construction startup and more. Kindred has also commenced investing from its second fund with 10 seed investments in companies such as BotsAndUs, Gravity Sketch and Beit.

“We are delighted with the success of our first fund, and excited to announce that our second fund was significantly oversubscribed and which we’ve now closed at €88.1M. We originally entered the UK seed stage ecosystem with ambitious goals, to invest in around thirty high quality UK technology companies per fund, and to introduce ‘Equitable Venture’ as a totally new way of practicing our craft,” says Partner Leila Zegna.

Equitable Venture method works?

The Equitable Venture model was introduced by Kindred Capital and the company says it works. From Fund I, the company estimates that around £5m (€5.4M) will be returned to the founders, which would otherwise have gone to General Partners of Kindred. The whole model works on the idea that Kindred Capital will share its carry with the founders in which the fund invests. It offers a collective model, wherein founders are said to actively help each other achieve their goals.

Image Credits: Kindred Capital

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Kindred Capital VC closes €88.7 million second fund, returning around €5.4 million to founders

Today, Kindred Capital has closed its second seed fund at approx. €88.7 million. Through its ‘Equitable Venture’, the firm gives exceptional seed-stage entrepreneurs co-ownership in the fund that invested in their businesses. Since its launch in 2015, the firm has now invested in 39 technology companies across Europe and Israel, with ten of those investments…

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Why founders should invest in personal branding – and three ways to get started

At first sight, personal branding might seem mystifying – maybe even a little narcissistic. This is especially so if you’re a first-time startup founder, driven by the all-consuming challenge of launching your product, building your team, and attracting your first customers. With an endless to-do list, the task of elevating your own profile probably won’t…

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Nigerian Healthtech Startup, RxAll Secures Investment from Founders Factory Africa – Technext

Nigerian Healthtech Startup, RxAll Secures Investment from Founders Factory Africa  Technext
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Startup founders must overcome information overload

Many of the founders I have spoken to said one of their biggest early challenges was figuring out how to sift through all the advice they receive.

Advice overload plagues everyone and founders have it especially bad, given that most startups have a board of advisors. Founders described needing conviction in their decisions and preserving carved out time for their own information processing. They viewed the ability to sift through all this advice as a crucial skill to learn. 

There is so much information out there, you end up driving yourself crazy,” said Devin Lennon, founder of end-of-life advice service Death Doula Devin. “Figuring out who is more helpful than others was difficult. Typically people with more experience tended to be more helpful, but not always,” said Hardbound founder Nathan Bashaw. “We wasted a lot of time talking to the wrong people.”

According to Ryan Williams, CEO and co-founder of proptech platform Cadre, “The real challenge is who you listen to for which points. You get information overload. The real skill is pattern recognition over time of who is actually useful for good information — knowing who to listen to and for what. You get a lot of conflicting advice. That’s where I’ve grown the most.”

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Raising Series-A: Where do I Find Other Founders At A Similar Place?

Technical Co-Founder CTO, my company is raising a Series-A we're doing great. I've come to realize that since we've been so successful, the people around me mostly cannot relate and can no longer offer me much advice. I don't know any other technical co-founder who has ever made it this far in the startup world and I'm realizing that I need to build a new community of peers that I can talk to who are going through the same things. I know tons of technical folks, but nobody in a similar spot and most of the tech people I know are actually pretty jaded — they say things like "I don't even take equity any more. I just take cash because options never turn out to be worth anything."

Where should I look?

Ideas I have:

-Reach out to our investors / advisors and ask for intros to other CTOs of companies that they have invested in that are in a similar spot.

-Referrals from my existing network

-Ask around at the local CTO roundtable that I attend

Curious of any other suggestions. When I google around about finding founders all the websites are about looking for a co-founder which I'm not. I'm looking for others who are experiencing similar success and growth.

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