Nava Raises $20M to Bring High Quality Affordable Healthcare Through its Employee Benefits Brokerage

SMBs have traditionally lacked the resources to build out robust benefits department forcing them to outsource benefit decisions to traditional brokers and bear an increasingly disproportionate burden in rising healthcare costs. Nava, an employee benefits brokerage founded by the founders of Hightower and Kareem Zaki of Thrive Capital, brings affordable healthcare to the 160M Americans who rely on employers for health insurance. With Nava, small-to-midsized businesses are equipped with the resources, tools, and expertise to deliver valuable yet accessible benefits to their employees, while driving down overall plan costs for the employer. AlleyWatch caught up with CEO, Cofounder, and repeat entrepreneur Brandon Weber to learn more about the genesis for Nava, the company’s mission to make healthcare more transparent, and the company’s recent funding round led by Thrive Capital.

Best approach to get into a Startup as employee + Shareholder

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if any of you has any recommendation on the best approach to get into a Startup as an employee and shareholder. Any personal experience ?
If I really like the product/service, I'd be willing to invest a good sum as well.

A bit about my BG: I'm currently attaining a MSc. in Marketing Analytics in the UK and I have worked two years in digital marketing for a company based in SE Asia.

Thanks a lot 🙏

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Co-founding a startup with a vesting time employee.

Hello everyone.

I have decided to co-found a startup. The co-founder and I have agreed on 50-50 terms with proportional dilution. Now, we also agreed to give away some of our equity to our first employee. (He agreed on vesting time for 2+2years).

My question now is:
Do I do one contract with all three of us involved inside, or do I first do a contract with me and my-cofounder, and then another one with our employee?

2nd question: Can we consider our first employee as our co-founder as well? I'm not sure which title he should get inside our startup. Is it just an employee?

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Startup Employee or Build my own startup?

Hi guys, so I will keep this simple, I am a recent grad that has done a startup in my second year and then started working with an early stage startup for a good chunk of employee equity (common shares <8%) on a 4 year vesting schedule which is due to start early next year in 2021. I should also mention that this startup just closed a good amount of money for its Seed round.

I have always wanted to build my own startup after my first startup was far from a success which has so I have been thinking of starting to build my own startup while working for the current one. Is this a wise decision? Should I just keep working on the current startup I am with or start building my own?

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Terminated at 8 months – 2nd employee

I was a senior SME engineer in a well funded startup for 8 months. Delivered multiple critical features to get company through Series A as we were non-revenue generating.

CEO/CTO are both engineers/not people managers and very much ICs in terms of skillset. After COVID and move to remote, visible CTO stress levels have continued to raise as he struggls to maintain an aligned team. Additionally he works non-stop in an IC engineer capacity (including coding on the weekends).

About a month ago, he began having shows of anger at the team in public and private. In our next 1:1 he began raising his voice and acting inappropriately at me and I needed to stay in a heated conversation with him to get him to see this was not okay. I brought the obvious public behavior up to him (not directed at me) and he thanked me and acknowledged. Afterwards the team/public atmosphere with the team improved, however, the next 1:1 was a repeat of him raising his voice and using heavy blame based verbiage for what is menial engineering discussions.

I brought this up to the CEO, who saw some of the things I described, said we'll get through it together, times are stressful, but nothing personal. However also turns out CTO has been sharing concerns behind the scenes as of late, but nothing other than 'get more work done'. CEOs solution is just that – for everyone to get work done and that will make everyone feel better (namely CTO). Now, CTO has been having me look at highly ambiguous rushed features/critical fixes but also slightly randomizing me everyday with new critical priorities. I clearly communicate my status, blockers and focus each day in standup. CTO begins to shy away in ours 1:1s, simply listens to me, gives minimal responses, nods head. A week ago I directly ask the CTO if we are okay and everything is good.

Suddenly come in to being fired in my next CTO 1:1 with no emotion. Have conversation with CEO after the fact who says this was in works for about a week based on perceptions from CTO about me being defensive about feedback among other minor things. CEO was clearly uncomfortable and seemed to be scrambling for vague reasons. He self-admits they made a mistake if a written performance plan would have conveyed this.

Was given a few weeks of pay (if I sign a release) but looking at complete loss of seed equity. This hit me like train and I clearly put to much faith in leaders without track records of team building, but are experiences like this normal?

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Helsinki-based HappySignals snaps up €4.7 million to help put employee experience at the core of digital transformation

Finnish startup HappySignals, an Employee Experience Management Platform provider, has announced the successful closure of a €4.7 million series A funding round led by Nauta Capital, with Vendep Capital also participating. HappySignals will use the funds to further its mission and scale up operations in Europe and the US. Founded in 2014, HappySignals aims to…

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[yulife in OnRec] Life insurance listed as one of the top 3 employee benefits

For YuLife, the startup was founded by former Vitality executive, Sammy Rubin, who wanted to reward employees ‘not just in death, but also in life.’ Whilst their group life insurance product is available from just £4.99 per month and pays 4 times the individual’s salary to their loved ones, users also get access to a number of discounts and vouchers through the YuLife app.

Read more here.

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Valuable employee (leadership/management) bonuses, options, stock options, compensation


Working at a Startup (ca. 300 employees), 10 years old company. We have raise several rounds of investment (few times dozen on million of $ ). We are almost broke even. Plant to go to Stock Exchange is now delayed (COVID-19), should happen following years though.

I realized and recently decided to talk about it to Leadership that I am somewhat underpaid, also that some other employees in leadership/management have Stock Options, if we ever go to Stock Exchange.

Company is a startup in Germany. I work ca. 3 years here. 40 years old employee.

My initial approach was heard and received and we should talk about it.

What other things I can request other than:

1) Salary raise (currently all raises are on hold due to COVID-19 effect)

2) Stock Options (if yes, what and on what conditions? i.e 30% of salary???? I think I am 30% percent lower paid than market. Or should I request 60%, you never know when the company go on the Stock Exchange and if they will have value. What is typical, standard here)

3) Bonuses (30% of salary, not sure if there is block on those also due to COVID-19)

4) Allowances, Top up (Company car, rent top up? Is this possible? What else is possible in Germany)

5) Free months, paid sabbatical

6) Anything else??????

Please let me know your ideas.


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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!