Is it ever too early to create a landing page?

I’m in the process of ironing our an idea of mine via a UX/UI design in adobe XD. What started out as an artistic outlet (I’ve always loved art; drawing, ceramic, painting, etc., so I figured I’d explore app design as a new challenge), has evolved slightly into something more.

A few people I’ve shared the designs and idea with – one who worked early on at Uber and has stayed in the startup space, and another who is head of regulatory affairs and strategic council at a venture firm – have encouraged me to think about taking it past a design phase.

Thing is, I have no idea what’s past the design phase…?

I’ve been browsing this subreddit for the next step and it seems like idea validation is next?

What are the next steps I should be taking?

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InFeedo raises $3.2M led by Bling Capital, delivers $1.1M exit to early employees and investors

A Y Combinator-backed startup that is helping major companies efficiently listen to how happy — or unhappy — their employees are and resolve their issues on time to retain talent just raised a new financing round from several high-profile executives.

InFeedo, a four-year-old people analytics SaaS startup with headquarters in Gurgaon, said on Thursday it has raised $ 3.2 million in its Series A funding round. Bling Capital led the round and its founder, Benjamin Ling, who previously served as a general partner at Khosla Ventures and executive roles at Google and Facebook, has assumed a board seat at InFeedo.

Simon Yoo of Green Visor Capital, Maninder Gulati, chief strategy officer at budget lodging startup Oyo, Munish Varma, managing director for EMEA region at SoftBank and Girish Mathrubootham, founder of SaaS giant Freshworks, are among those who participated in the round.

As a business grows up and the headcount balloons over thousand, ten thousand, and tens of thousands, it becomes impossible for the chief executive to engage meaningfully with employees to gauge their morale and understand if there is anything they wish the company changed.

InFeedo is tackling this challenge through Amber, a chatbot it has built that touches base with employees periodically to quickly check how things are going, explained Tanmaya Jain, founder and chief executive of the four-year-old startup.

On the backend, executives can check the status of their employees across the company and how likely some individuals — especially the top talent — are at leaving the firm. They can check exactly what issues these employees have raised in the past, and whether their concerns were resolved.

Amber is able to track the progress because it remembers what an employee has previously shared. So each future conversation begins with it asking whether anything has meaningfully changed since the last time it spoke to the employee.

“Almost three years ago, we started using Amber at OYO and I was amazed by the product. We were using this for executive decision-making, to get an accurate pulse of our employees across geographies, functions as we were expanding across the world. I actually reached out to Tanmaya and am excited to be part of this journey,” said Oyo’s Gulati in a statement.

InFeedo has amassed more than 100 customers — including GE Healthcare, Puma, steel-to-salt conglomerate Tata Group, telecom firm Airtel, computer vendor Lenovo, Oyo, Indian internet conglomerate Times Internet and edtech giant Byju’s — across over 50 countries. More than 300,000 users today use InFeedo’s service. The startup today is clocking an annual revenue run rate of $ 1.6 million, something Jain said he is working to get to $ 10 million.

For Jain, 26, InFeedo’s current avatar is the third pivot he has made at the startup. InFeedo started as an edtech platform to create a feedback loop between students and their teachers. The startup then explored building a social network for companies. Neither of those ideas gained much traction, he explained. During the third attempt, Jain said he spent days at his early customers to understand exactly what features they needed.

As part of the new financing round, InFeedo, which has raised $ 4 million to date, said it has delivered partial exits of $ 1.1 million to early investors and early employees or those who left. “Helping people around me make so much money has been one of the most fulfilling things for me,” he said, adding that this liquidity at the time of a pandemic has been immensely useful to many.

The startup plans to deploy the new funding to make Amber understand multiple languages, a key aspect that Jain said would help the startup better serve clients in adjacent markets to India. InFeedo also wants to expand the use cases of Amber and experiment with new technologies such as GPT-3. It is also hiring for product, engineering and marketing leadership roles.

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Early Prioritization for Dual-Sided Content-Creation App

Hey Everybody!

Anyone have any experience launching a dual-sided, Content-Creation App and can provide some insight on what marketing strategy they took to acquire their first 1000 users? By content creation, I mean something like Medium that requires BOTH writers and readers.

Our app will be on Test Flight within 2 weeks and we currently have 150 users signed up. Of that 150, 30 of them are our ideal user persona (the people who will be creating) and the rest are people that will require content to be on the app for them to stick around. Our current strategy is to stay as close to the hip to the 30 content creators and rapidly iterate BEFORE we spend any efforts trying to find more users, but now that we're getting closer, I'm starting to wonder if this is the best plan.

We are a free DTC app and we know that we have to get to critical-mass as quick as possible. Getting there is going to be hard as shit, so users are at best gonna just give us one look so we are emphasizing getting it right.

Now, I'm wondering if any of you have had any experience with launching an product that missed the mark, but users stuck around because they knew you were working on getting it right.

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Dell’s Black Friday Early Access Sale Starts Today

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Two weeks left to score early bird savings at TC Sessions: Space 2020

NASA just made history by landing a spacecraft on an asteroid. If that kind of technical achievement carbonates your glass of Tang, join us on December 16-17 for TC Sessions: Space 2020, an event dedicated to early-stage space startups.

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TC Sessions: Space is an unrivaled opportunity to learn from, connect and network with boundary-pushing founders, investors and officials from NASA, the Aerospace Corporation, the U.S. Air Force and leading space companies spanning public, private and defense sectors.

We’ve packed the conference with outstanding presentations, fireside chats and interviews. Plus, you’ll find breakout sessions on specialized topics, audience Q&As with Main Stage speakers and the expo area for partners and early stage startups.

Here’s a taste of the topics but keep an eye on the agenda, because we’ll add more speakers and sessions in the coming weeks.

Asteroid Rocks and Moon Landings

Lisa Callahan, vice president/general manager of commercial civil space at Lockheed Martin Space, discusses all aspects of scientific and civil exploration of the solar system — from robots scooping rockets from the surface of galaxy-traveling asteroids, to preparing for the return of humans to the surface of the Moon.

Sourcing Tech for Securing Space

Lt. General Thompson is responsible for fostering an ecosystem of non-traditional space startups and the future of Space Force acquisitions, all to the end goal of protecting the global commons of space. He’ll discuss what the U.S. looks for in startup partnerships and emerging tech, and how it works with these young companies.

Bridging Today and Tomorrow’s Tech

Corporate VC funds are a key source of investment for space startups, in part because they often involve partnerships that help generate revenue, and because they understand the timelines involved. SpaceFund’s Meagan Crawford and Lockheed Martin Ventures’ J. Christopher Moran discuss how these funds fit in with more standard venture to power the ecosystem.

TC Sessions: Space 2020 takes flight on December 16-17, but we’re starting our early bird countdown right now. Great savings disappear in two weeks on November 13 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Buy your early bird passes today and celebrate your savvy shopping with a tall glass of Tang.

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Dutch fintech Silverflow nabs €2.6 million to launch its cloud-native card payments platform in early 2021

Silverflow, a global payment technology company, is announcing a €2.6 million seed funding round, led by UK-based seed-stage investor Crane Venture Partners, with participation from INKEF Capital and notable angel investors and industry leaders from Pay.On, First Data, and Adyen. With this seed round, Silverflow has now raised €3 million in total funding. Founded…

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I have a product, in the early stages of putting together a business plan, but I’m an engineer and have a lot of questions, I am not so much looking for answers as I am looking for the resources to answer them

I have a product I make myself, and I have started distributing the product to consumers to get some early feedback and to spread the word about the product. I am really excited about the potential for said product (its a food). I have a logo that I made on one of the those websites that comes up when you google "logo maker". I have a ton of things I want to know. First off what kind of liscensing, approvals, etc are needed for me to sell legally and with less liability. I also have been looking into the whole LLC vs S corp vs this vs that. I was also wondering about taxes and accounting, are these things that at the beginning you have someone maybe less qualified such as a recent college graduate handle and then later on move to using professionals, do you start with professionals right off the bat. For the logo it seemed pretty cheap to buy it off the website, does anyone have any experience with that and if so is it easy or is it better to use something else, and if so what. I'm not so much looking for an answer to these questions but more so who are people I could approach with these types of questions, I feel like the bank is obviously going to be knowledgeable about what type of liability you want to have and what works for your business, but for some of the other items what kinds of people do I need to reach out to. Anything is helpful, and for whoever is going to give me some shit about googling such and such thing I have obviously done that, this is just some auxiliary help. Thank you.

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Join Extra Crunch Live on October 27 for a conversation on early stage and storytelling success with GV’s M.G. Siegler

If anyone knows early-stage investing and startups, it’s M.G. Siegler . As a general partner at GV, he’s personally invested in his fair share of rocket ship companies early on in their lifecycles, including Anchor, Slack, Medium and Stripe. He’s also a TechCrunch alum and a former startup operator himself as a web dev. We’re thrilled to have Siegler joining us to talk about his investment experience and how his early career as a writer influenced his thinking about startup success on Extra Crunch Live on October 27 at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT.

Siegler’s career in startups began in 2005, working in web development at a startup agency focused on tech clients. He later reported on startups at both VentureBeat and later TechCrunch, before becoming a founded partner at CrunchFund and then eventually joining GV (then Google Ventures) to focus on early-stage companies. In addition to the companies listed above, Siegler has led investments in other successful early-stage companies including Universe, Giphy, The Players’ Tribune, CTRL-Labs and AltspaceVR.

At the outset of the current global pandemic, Siegler chatted with our own Lucas Matney about GV’s investment in mobile website-builder Universe and about how managing a portfolio changes in light of travel and social distancing restrictions. We’ll find out from Siegler what the ensuing months of living and working in the context of COVID-19 have changed about his perspective and about the early-stage companies he’s working with and scouting for potential investment.

More broadly, Siegler also has a unique perspective and ample experience when it comes to early-stage startups and storytelling. His work as a journalist focused specifically on looking at new and emerging technology companies and assessing their ability to communicate their ambitions, the problems they’re solving and the technology they’re building. He brings that experience to his assessment of the investment potential of startups and their founders, and their ability to tell good and compelling stories about what they’re doing and why.

All these topics, plus more questions from you, our audience. So join us if you’re an Extra Crunch member and get caught up on all the fintech goodness going on. And if you aren’t an Extra Crunch member, be sure to check out subscription options before we get started.

Meeting details are below the paywall.

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