How to best automate product mockup and template design work?

Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has experience solving the best way to automate the product mockups and design templates for apparel.

Historically I have used a full-time graphic designer to do them with self-recorded Photoshop Actions. I am looking to optimize this further since it's the same repetitive work we could be spending on the actual designs.

We do full cut & sew apparel, so there are two parts:

  1. Mockups for ~10 different products (mens t-shirt, women's t-shirt, men's tank, hoodie, etc) to be automated in one process
  2. Templates for those products for our manufacturing (it's the same template every time but we have to lay the artwork out across each product, which varies in size and orientation)

We have one "input design file" which has all of the necessary design work. I am looking for a designer with deep automation (and possible coding) experience that could help me understand the actual technology involved here to go from Point A to Z.

The process goes like this..

  1. Lead designer creates a design
  2. Lead designer lays design across a single standardized template
  3. *What I need help with begins:* design is laid across all mockups (front and back)
  4. *What I need help with*: design is laid across all printable product templates (already standardized)

Anyone with experience of a similar project?

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Penji offers unlimited graphic design work for one monthly rate

Graphic design brings your print and digital marketing materials to life. It’s an important part of creating eye-catching and on-brand advertisements, brochures, websites, merchandise, and more. However, hiring graphic designers can be expensive, and attempting to do graphic design work on your own can be difficult without proper training or experience. Instead, try Penji.

Penji is an on-demand graphic design service that helps thousands of marketers and agencies achieve better results. You can submit unlimited print, digital, or UX/UI design requests, then let Penji’s fully managed team of vetted talent work their magic.

With Penji, there’s no hiring, no HR, and no hourly billing involved. Instead, you pay one flat monthly rate to cover all of your design needs. Here’s how it works:

Create a design project: Simply fill out a form to tell the designers about the project and what you’re envisioning. You can also upload any attachments that need to be included and choose the file types you want.

Project is designed: Penji automatically matches you with the designer best suited for your specific project. You’ll be able to communicate with your designer right on Penji’s platform. You will receive your first draft within 24 to 48 hours.

Review work: After reviewing your work, you can either download your files if you’re satisfied with the work or submit a request for revisions if it’s not quite what you were hoping for. Penji offers unlimited revisions.

Download your files: When you’re happy with the results, you can download your files. You’ll receive the design files as well as the source files.

Penji includes a range of features to achieve your graphic design needs.

Variety of project types: Whether you need graphic design work for social media, beverage labels, vehicle wraps, catalogs, digital ads, newsletters, or something else, odds are Penji can create it. All pricing plans come with general graphic design capabilities, including branding, digital, marketing, merch sellers, print projects, and more. Team and Agency plans also include custom illustrations, web design, app design, and infographics.

Unlimited design projects: You can submit as many project requests as you’d like for one flat monthly rate.

Unlimited revisions: You can submit as many revisions as you’d like until you’re happy with the final product.

Vetted designers: Penji works with the top graphic designers, so there’s always someone capable of completing your project.

Fast turnaround: Most projects will be completed and returned for your review within 24 to 48 hours.

No hidden fees: Instead of paying hourly rates or per-project fees, with Penji, you pay one monthly price for all of your design needs.

Invite your team: Penji allows you to invite your team members or clients to collaborate on the project.

Human support: When you contact Penji, you get to talk to a real person, not a bot. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure the project runs smoothly.

File ownership: You’ll have 100% ownership over all of the original source files that were created for your project.

15-day money-back guarantee: You can try Penji risk-free for 15 days. If you’re not satisfied, you can receive a full refund.

You’ve got other things to focus on – leave the graphic design work to the professionals. If Penji sounds like it might be the right solution for you, visit to learn more.


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A former employee iz withholding design files he made for us

Not sure what to do here

He left the company 1-2 months ago.

We've been using the png/jpg version of the files he left us as pitch material, but it needs to be updated and he just doesnt provide us with the psd/sketch files.

He doesnt even seem malignant about it, every time i reach out he just ignores us or says he's busy now and will get to it later

I've literally offered him a ransom to get our files from him, at this point im considering legal action. What can we do here?

Edit: I've been asking for about a month now, he was on salary when he made them.

Anyone know a lawyer for this?

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[Hailo in design & Reuse] Arteris IP FlexNoc Interconnect and Resilience Package Licensed by Hailo for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip

Leading AI chipmaker Hailo uses world-leading network-on-chip (NoC) IP to accelerate dataflow performance

Read more here.

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This Lithuanian startup raises €500K to develop AI for generative protein design

Vilnius startup Biomatter Designs claims to pioneer the technologies for generative protein design. In a recent development, the company has raised nearly half a million euros from a slew of investors. The company will be able to generate novel enzymes and protein therapeutics that would otherwise be tedious to obtain by classical experimental and computational approaches.

Investment to develop product pipeline

Well, Biomatter Designs just announced that it raised €500k led by Practica Capital along with 70V and angel investors. This fund will be used to develop the company’s protein design technology and product pipeline further.

“We are very excited to back this bold and long-term vision of Biomatter Designs. The interdisciplinary approach combined with a strong and proven Lithuanian academic and industrial experience in protein engineering, also adding new abilities of AI can lead to unprecedented outcomes. The potential is truly vast”, says Donatas Keras, Partner at Practica Capital.

“70V is glad to have the opportunity to invest in ambitious A-grade talent like Laurynas and his team. We see enormous potential for Biomatter Designs and are excited to be able to help with going to market and accelerating the team’s expertise in enterprise sales,” says Per Moller, Managing Partner at 70V.

Significance of protein engineering!

Proteins are complex and large molecules that drive every biological function virtually. Naturally occurring proteins and biochemical reactions enable transportation of materials within the cell, transduction of chemical signals and other crucial roles. When proteins are engineered to carry out specific functions, these have a great potential to resolve some of the biggest challenges faced by humanity across food, agriculture, healthcare and other industries.

What does Biomatter Designs do?

In an attempt to resolve these challenges and accelerate the tedious and resource-intensive process of protein engineering, Biomatter Designs has developed a platform driven by machine learning. This platform is meant for the next-generation computational protein design. It analyses vast amounts of natural protein data in order to learn the complex rules involved in governing the proteins’ functions. Later, the knowledge that is acquired will be used to design new protein molecules.

“Our company is striving to shift the paradigm in protein engineering” – says Laurynas Karpus, the founder and CEO of Biomatter Designs. “We are moving from classical protein discovery process to well-predictable computational protein design. Classical methods often resemble searching for a needle in the haystack – looking for the right answer in already existing or similar molecules. This takes a great amount of time and requires loads of expensive and time-consuming experimental data. This is where our technology steps in to intelligently augment the protein engineering process, allowing us to generate new proteins right from the first atom. When it comes to solving problems in healthcare or environmental sectors, we can’t afford to waste time.”

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Vilnius-based Biomatter Designs raises €500k to develop AI for generative protein design

Vilnius-born startup Biomatter Designs, a pioneer of technologies for generative protein design, has raised €500K in seed funding led by Practica Capital, accompanied by 70V and angel investors. The fresh funds will be used to further develop the company’s protein design technology and product pipeline. Proteins are large, complex molecules that drive virtually every biological…

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Quantum Metric raises $200M, now valued at over $1B, for its digital product design platform

Digital product design — the process of building services like websites and apps that work without bugs and as you intend them to — has come into focus as an especially important thing to get right in the last year. With more customers using sites and apps to interact with a business, if something is broken or just isn’t working that well, you can lose them much more easily than in the past in physical spaces, when store assistants might help, or the customer might simply get distracted and interested by another product.

Today, one of the startups building tools to help with digital product design is announcing a huge round of funding, a sign of the urgency and interest in the space.

Quantum Metric, which provides a cloud-based service both to build digital products and then test and fix them in real time to improve how they work, sold by the company as Continuous Digital Product Design, has picked up $ 200 million in funding, a Series B round that values the company at more than $ 1 billion. This is a significant up round for the startup, with 9.2-fold increase compared to its valuation in 2018, according to Mario Ciabarra, the founder and CEO of Quantum Metric .

This is a significant round for the company also in the context of its previous fundraising, which up to now totaled $ 50 million from just three named investors: Bain, Hangar 51 and Insight.

Now, the Series B is being led by Insight Partners with other backers undisclosed. Insight is shaping up to be a huge and prolific backer of companies focused on building better customer service experiences in our current, socially distanced and very digital economy: Just earlier today, the same partner that led this round for Quantum Metric, managing director Lonne Jaffe, led a $ 78 million round in Glia, a platform to help customer service agents do their work more easily.

Ciabarra has built his company out of Colorado, and it somewhat feels like the DNA of being “remote” from the Bay Area has fueled how the company’s own product has been developed, with the idea being that you don’t need to be on the ground and in the room with someone to be able to identify when they are unhappy. Indeed, being remote is an asset.

The company, through its customer base of enterprises, collects data interactions that cover some 1 billion internet users and some 20% of all internet activity, he said, “capturing experiences to see where people are frustrated on the web and in native apps. Our focus is on friction and frustration.”

Quantum Metric is part DevOps, and part martech. When it is used, its customers can in turn monitor when their customers are clicking too much trying to get something done, or clicking and navigating away. It logs these actions, and then suggests ways to fix them.

That focus on looking for bad online experiences seems to follow him wherever he goes: The first thing Ciabarra talked to me about when we spoke for this article was about how bad the experience was for his 12-year-old daughter “while trying to buy a bed online for her birthday” when she couldn’t immediately see a bed she wanted appear in her cart. (Yes, some 12-year-olds buy beds for themselves online, it seems. I’ll make sure my kids don’t know about this.)

“Economic downturns have a way of shining a light on high-growth ScaleUps that are particularly compelling to customers, and this year, the surging customer demand for Quantum Metric’s product from customers hit hard by the pandemic, has been extraordinary,” said Jaffe in a statement. “Quantum Metric lets enterprises use real-time qualitative and quantitative data to take the guesswork out of improving their digital features and products. We are excited to double down on our partnership with the Quantum Metric team as they bring their powerful analytics capabilities to customers across the world.”

The company today counts large internet and offline brands among its customers, with the list including Alaska Airlines, Crate and Barrel, Lenovo, Western Union, Lulu Lemon and FanDuel, and Ciabarra claims that it has held a 98% gross retention of that base, despite the aggressive competition from the likes of Log Rocket and Decibel, which actively market themselves in comparison to it. There is still a lot of opportunity, though, as the market continues to push ahead and not just shift online, but starts to look like it’s here to stay.

Before COVID, Ciabarra said, “just 10-15% of transactions were online. That’s flipped, with only 10% in person now.” And the reason it’s having traction, he added, is not just because of how customer interactions are changing, “but because company cultures are changing, too.”

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10Clouds Offers One-Stop Shop for Digital Product Design and Development

High-quality websites and mobile applications help connect customers with your brand. Digital products are important, and they need to be both functional and visually appealing; well coded and designed for a great user experience. You don’t want to leave design and development up to just anyone. Enter 10Clouds.

10Clouds is an international design and development company that creates websites and mobile apps. On a mission to help its clients change the world through technology, 10Clouds offers a wide range of digital product design and development services using blockchain, machine learning and data science. 10Clouds can even handle project management, FinTech needs, and much more.

Their global clients include startups and large corporations alike, including Pinterest, Baidu and Orange.

10Clouds offers a variety of services to help you create the best digital products.

Managed Projects
10Clouds handles project management to ensure projects run smoothly and are completed on time. They also hold meetings on a regular basis to receive feedback from clients and quickly make needed changes to ensure the end result is exactly what the client needs.

Staff Augmentation
If you’re handling product development on your end but need a little extra support, 10Clouds offers staff augmentation to help your team complete the project. The highly skilled staff includes software developers, designers, project managers and more.

Web Development
Your website is your first impression on potential customers. 10Clouds takes care of back-end and front-end development to create a website that’s functional, effective and engaging. The websites they create incorporate the latest technology while focusing on conversions.

Mobile Development
10Clouds creates native and cross-platform apps for iOS and Android. Apps are developed to perform platform-specific functions and can even include AI and machine learning. The 10Clouds team uses automation and CI/CD processes to quickly deliver products to their clients.

10Cloud’s team consists of award-winning product and UX designers who create customized solutions for their clients. They’re skilled in website and mobile app design to help clients better connect with their customers.

Machine Learning
10Clouds can built digital products that incorporate computer vision, natural language processing and more to make them as intelligent as possible.

10Clouds uses cloud-based solutions and a CI/CD process to get your product to market as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

The team at 10Clouds has more than 10 years of experience with Blockchain technologies, including Hyperledger, Ethereal, and BitGo. They’ve completed over 25 Blockchain projects and have received a number of awards for their work.

10Clouds has FinTech and banking development teams that understand your business and market and can provide expert consulting services. They have worked with companies all over the world, including Crescent, Omise, and Coinquista.

Testing during the development process helps identify any UX issues, system bugs and more so they can be fixed in order to prevent bigger problems later on. 10Clouds starts testing at the first requirement gathering stage and prepares test scenarios to ensure everything works properly.

10Clouds serves as a one-stop shop for a wide range of digital product design and development services. If this sounds like something that could benefit your team, visit to learn more.


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