How to represent your company to new clients when you have not had clients.

What tips does anyone have for this situation when meeting with clients that sign up for yearly contracts? So often I see companies brag about having been in business for 20 years, or they have hundreds of clients. How would you present yourself when you don’t have that client base?

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Looking to open out a lot of admin panel stuff built over the last 2 years for clients as a seperate product

I know I am looking to see if people will commit to this and understand if the moderators remove this post. I don't want to waste people's time and be straight. But I have built admin panels for a lot clients for their data in firestore and now looking to see if people will be interested in a product that does this in a generic way. Lot of the core logic is already in place and I only have to make it a little generic to make it a seperate entity.

I am looking for 10 pre-bookings here as the last time I made something, I spent time and money and no takers. I will regularly be in touch with people who commit with an update every 3 days and will immediately refund the amount if you want to drop out. I am only looking for 10 early adopters and will open up the product for further purchases only later.

Firebase Toolbox helps you view your firestore data in a table. Query your data in a neat UI and view the results in a table. Export the results to CSV and JSON. Make simple joins between collections. Create and update records in a form generated from an autogenerated schema from your collection. In a nut shell, it's an admin panel that intends to give you a better experience than firebase console.

Launching in 3 weeks. You can pre-book here . All my social profiles and email is available in this page


  1. Generate graphs and reports from your data.
  2. A dashboard of graphs for important analytics
  3. Firebase auth (Table view, filtering, reporting, CRUD operations)
  4. Automated backups

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[Varo Money in The Paypers] Former Moven clients to transition to Varo

US-based Varo, a mobile banking service provider, has announced to accommodate the former clients of digital bank Moven.

Read more here.

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One-man operations: what title do you use when speaking to clients?

(or one-woman operation)

I run a Saas startup that’s very well automated and I have a few freelancers that I outsource to when I need. I speak to my clients about twice per week and I present myself as the Founder/President. I feel like this isn’t very professional. Would it be better to present myself as an Account Manager or something similar?


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How to prospect new clients being a developer?

Hello, I'm building a new app that I think can help some people, but my bigger difficult is to get clients when I'm starting.

The app is a uber like, you need to have users that want to find mecanics, and you need to have the mecanics registered on the app for the people find the mecanics near by.

So how can I convince the mecanics to provide their data to the app and wait until I find users that need mecanics?

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Apply For GROW Mobility By 17 April To Test Your With 8m Clients & 1.600km Of Roads!

By joining GROW Mobility, you can now profit from Brisa’s 45+ years of experience with proven results delivered. GROW Mobility is a program for startups who think globally and have a scalable solution with an MVP in place.

The Winning Startup Gets Access To Brisa’s Entire Resources

Together with the most innovative team, Brisa will build a pilot with the startup’s product or service, combining the startup capabilities with the resources and market reach of Brisa.

For the duration of the pilot, all the time needed to be worked on location (Brisa HQ, Portugal), Brisa will support travel expenses and accommodation for all members of the team who are working directly on the project. In addition, the project cost will also be supported by Brisa.

To further scale your product & accelerate development, GROW Mobility offers:

  • The opportunity to work with a strong market leader and pioneer in electronic toll collection
  • Full access to the entire spectrum of Brisa’s market incl. 8+ million clients, 1600+ km of road infrastructure & more
  • Connections to new clients & investors
  • A sandbox for field tests
  • Contact to an extensive mentor network
  • Management insights & access to administrative tools
  • Exclusive access to office spaces on Brisa’s Campus in Portugal
  • Possible later financing

The previous winners Heptasense already conducted a pilot with Brisa. Brisa’s CCTVs and Heptasense’s computer vision algorithms were tested to automatically detect incidents on highways. 2019’s winner, PARKD, is currently preparing the launch of their pilot with Brisa to test PARKD’s value proposition of starting, stopping, and paying for fleets’ parking sessions automatically.

Road Infrastructure, Tolling & Telematics, New Mobility

More than 8 million customers, 2.600+ employees and 1.600+ km of road infrastructure make Brisa a leading European motorway company & pioneer in electronic toll collection. The Portuguese company counts innovation as one of its fundamental vectors, allowing it to be at the forefront of technological evolution.

Brisa’s mission is to provide efficient mobility for people – in cooperation with innovative startups that already have an MVP in place. To build the future of mobility, Brisa is looking for innovations in three categories:

  1. Road Infrastructure: Improving operations & engineering, including but not limited to big data & analytics, drones to assess and monitor roads, rails, bridges & lighting conditions and/or accidents & GNNS.
  2. Tolling & Telematics: Includes multimodal mobility (e.g. ticketing), recognition technologies (e.g. plate recognition) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the like.
  3. New Mobility: Fewer highways built and a lower car ownership culture calls for New Mobility solutions in the realm of Connectivity (V2I, V2X, Connected Vehicles, etc.).

Apply By 17 April!

Brisa is headquartered in Portugal, however, their technology is also employed in the Netherlands along with the United States. The group appreciates proposals that already show a clear idea of how your technology or solution can be tested in Brisa’s environments. Its three main areas of operation are:

  • Operations: Coordinates resources required for active traffic management including assistance to road users.
  • Technology: References players worldwide for innovative and distinctive technology solutions supporting mobility intelligent transportation systems (ITS).
  • Mobility Services: Includes electronic toll collection, and fuel stations, among others.

Apply now & use the unique opportunity to work with an industry leader!



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