Jeff Bezos Invests In African Payments Startup Chipper Cash – – Technology Times Pakistan

Jeff Bezos Invests In African Payments Startup Chipper Cash –  Technology Times Pakistan
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African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises US$30 million with backing from Jeff Bezos – GhanaWeb

African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises US$ 30 million with backing from Jeff Bezos  GhanaWeb
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Looking to emulate Venmo, JoomPay preps a Euro launch for easy bill splitting and cash payments

JoomPay, a startup with a similar product to PayPal-owned Venmo in the U.S., is set to launch in Europe shortly after being granted a Luxembourg Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. The app allows people to send and receive money with anyone, instantly and for free. “Venmo me” has become a common phrase in the U.S., where people use it to split bills in restaurants or similar instances. Venmo is in common use in the U.S., but it’s not available in Europe, although dozens of other innovative mobile peer to peer transfer options exist, such as Revolut, N26, Monese and Monzo. The waitlist for the app’s beta is open now (iOS, Android).

Europe leads the world’s instant payments industry, with $ 18 trillion in worldwide volume predicted by 2025, up from $ 3 trillion in 2020 — a growth of more than 500%. Western Europe — and COVID-19 — is now driving that innovation and will account for 38% of instant payment transaction value by 2025. While Europe lacks simple peer-to-peer payments solutions such as Venmo or Square Cash App in the U.S., challenger banks have stepped up to provide similar kinds of services. JoomPay’s opportunity lies in being able to be a middle-man between these various banking systems.

Shopping app Joom, which has been downloaded 150 million times in Europe, has spun-off JoomPay to solve this problem. The app allows users to send and receive money from any person, regardless of whether they use JoomPay or not — and you only need to know their email or the phone number. JoomPay connects to any existing debit/credit card or a bank account. It also provides its users with a European IBAN and an optional free JoomPay card with cashback and bonuses.

Yuri Alekseev, CEO and co-founder of JoomPay, said: “Since COVID-19 started, we’ve seen a significant decline in cash usage. People can’t meet as easily as before but still need to send money, and we offer a viable alternative.”

JoomPay may have an uphill struggle. Its main competitors in Europe are the huge TransferWise, Paysend and, of course, PayPal itself.

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Tesla Stock – Jeff Bezos-Backed African App Chipper Cash Launching Crypto Buying and selling After Elevating $30 Million – Fintech Zoom

Tesla Stock – Jeff Bezos-Backed African App Chipper Cash Launching Crypto Buying and selling After Elevating $ 30 Million  Fintech Zoom
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Europe’s largest ‘flying lab’ gets €68.6M cash injection from UK government to tackle climate change from skies


Climate change is real! It is an existential threat, and we are already living through the negative effects of it. The earth’s atmosphere is warming faster than ever, polar ice caps are melting, and the global climatic pattern and natural habitats are changing quickly than animals, and human beings can adapt. It requires an urgent cut in greenhouse gas emissions, and other required steps need to be taken immediately. 

£61M cash injection to support UK scientists

In the latest development, the UK government has announced a £61M (approx €68.4M) cash injection to support UK scientists on the largest flying lab in Europe to tackle pressing environmental challenges. 

The fund will be provided through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the UK government’s main agency for funding and managing research in the environmental sciences. The fund will secure the aircraft’s operations for the next ten years. 

Leading UK scientists will take to the skies on the largest flying laboratory in Europe to research some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges – the reason behind rising methane in the Arctic, monitoring volcanic gases, and severe weather events. 

Image credits: FAAM

Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM)

The investment will enable scientists and researchers to continue environmental research missions at altitudes of up to 10 kilometres for the next ten years onboard the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) Airborne Laboratory. It involves collecting data on emission and pollution levels from remote locations around the world, such as above the North Sea and volcanoes in Iceland.

Head of the FAAM Airborne Laboratory Alan Woolley says, “From measuring cloud microphysics to detecting complex chemical species, the aircraft is a highly capable flying laboratory. It is capable of operating nearly everywhere in the world and supports global research initiatives, helping scientists and society to tackle the environmental challenges ahead, including climate change, air pollution, and severe weather.

Image credits: FAAM

Customised aircraft for atmospheric research

The Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) operates a specially adapted research aircraft based at Cranfield University and Airport, Bedfordshire. FAAM Airborne Laboratory operates around the world and flies for about 400 hours a year. It makes measurements in the atmosphere, almost anywhere in the world. The whole aircraft is managed by a team of scientists, engineers, flight technicians, and project managers. 

FAAM’s research aircraft is owned by UK Research and Innovation and managed through the National Centre for Atmospheric Science. The aircraft is headquartered at Cranfield University.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. It works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and the government to create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish. It operates across the whole of the UK with a combined budget of more than £7B. NERC is also a part of UKRI. 

Image credits: FAAM

Conducted various experiments

Previously, the aircraft has conducted various research including searching for new sources of air pollutants during the Cape Verde dust season, measuring cloud atmospheres to improve weather forecasts, tracking the source of methane emissions in Africa and the Arctic to help combat global temperature rises.

The data captured will be transmitted to the ground helping government, businesses, universities, and researchers, helping the UK meet its net-zero emissions.

UK Research and Innovation’s Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Natural Environment Research Council Iain Williams says, “The FAAM aircraft makes an important contribution to UK environmental science by providing researchers with a unique facility with which to monitor and analyse the atmosphere.”

The investment reflects the government’s commitment to boost spending on research and development to £22B (approx €25B) by 2024/25, supporting the UK’s most groundbreaking research.

Main image credits: FAAM

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African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises $30 Million backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – TechTrendsKE

African fintech startup Chipper Cash raises $ 30 Million backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  TechTrendsKE
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This Norwegian AI platform for AEC industry gets acquired by Autodesk for €202M net of cash


With an aim to empower architects, urban planners, and real-estate developers globally, California-based Autodesk that develops 3D design software has announced the acquisition of Oslo-based startup Spacemaker – a startup that develops AI technology, for $ 240M (approx €202.1M) net of cash.

The transaction is expected to close during Autodesk’s fourth quarter of fiscal 2021, ending January 31, 2021.

Why is Spacemaker joining Autodesk? 

Autodesk and Spacemaker share a common goal to help architects, urban planners, and real-estate developers to create and evaluate options for better, more sustainable outcomes.

“Spacemaker will officially join the Autodesk family. And at the same time, Spacemaker will also still be Spacemaker. We will keep “all the good parts” that brought us to this point, and combine it with the muscle that Autodesk can provide. Headquartered in Oslo, we will continue developing our product and accelerating outcome-based design for the entire industry, bringing Spacemaker to planning teams all over the world,” the company notes in a blog post. 

Spacemaker AI will join the Autodesk team and will be reporting to Amy Bunszel, Senior Vice President, AEC Design Solutions, Autodesk.

What does Spacemaker do?

Based in Oslo, Norway, Spacemaker was founded in 2016 by Anders Kvale, Carl Christensen, and Havard Haukeland. 

The company has developed a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology that discovers the smartest ways to maximise the value of any building site. According to the company, the platform generates and explores billions of site proposals, sorts out the best ones, and offers users detailed statistics about each of them.

With AI as a partner to the architect, the Spacemaker platform enables users to quickly generate, optimise, and iterate on design alternatives, all while considering design criteria and data like terrain, maps, wind, lighting, traffic, zoning, etc.

Besides, its tools also provide insight to real estate developers and municipalities.

“Spacemaker is a lesson in the power of insights and automation, giving designers the ability to create and test urban design ideas in minutes,” says Andrew Anagnost, CEO, and president of Autodesk. “With two billion more people expected to call our planet home by 2050, speed of design and sustainability in urban planning must be priorities. Spacemaker technology offers a fundamental shift in how we imagine and build cities to keep people and the planet healthy.”

About Autodesk

Founded in 1982 in San Rafael, California, by John Walker, Autodesk is a publicly listed software and services company that develops 3D design software for use in the architecture, engineering, construction, and media industries.

According to Spacemaker’s blog post, “Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Autodesk has 11.000 employees spread across the world. They were the inventors of CAD-drawing in the 1980s (digital hand drawing), and when 3d modelling was invented in the late 90s, it was them that ended up establishing and defining the BIM category in the 2000s (Revit). When cloud computing became available some years ago, Autodesk succeeded in converting to a modern SaaS-company.”

“Now they have set out to drive the fourth revolution in this industry, meaning the transition to outcome-driven design. This is built on a vision for the future of our cities and communities that is surprisingly similar to ours,” the post adds. 

“Paired with our teams and complementary technology, Spacemaker’s transformational solution will empower designers to make more informed design decisions and help solve some of the greatest challenges ahead of us all,” says Amy Bunszel, Senior VP for AEC Design Solutions at Autodesk.

Some of its software include; AutoCAD, a computer-aided design app for professional design, drafting, detailing, and visualisation; AutoCAD LT, a professional drafting and detailing software; Autodesk Building Design Suites, to manage various phases of design and construction; AutoCAD Map 3D software, which offers direct access to data needed for infrastructure planning, design, and management; AutoCAD Civil 3D products for surveying, designing, analysis, and documentation; among others.

Image credit: Spacemaker

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Jeff Bezos-Backed African App Chipper Cash Launching Crypto Trading After Raising $30 Million | News – Bitcoin News

Jeff Bezos-Backed African App Chipper Cash Launching Crypto Trading After Raising $ 30 Million | News  Bitcoin News
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