Angel Investments. Company Shares %. Yes or No?

Hello, startups fam.

Need advice from experienced people.

We're a hardware startup that reached that point when we can't go ahead without outside investments.

We're on a pre-MVP stage. What do we have?

The proven idea (a prototype from "sh*t and bricks"), then we've created a product design based on our components, and now, we're looking for investments to develop a fully-functional prototype based on our new design to launch a Kickstarter campaign. We're considering the option of attracting and searching for angel investments.

Well, the question is:

Founders or everyone who has attracted or well aware of how to attract angel investments, could you provide me info on how much company shares angels want on average?

Would be perfect if you provide me examples this way:

$ 20000 — …%

$ 50000 — …%

Anyway, thank you!

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