11 months ago I posted asking “What is the reason no one is competing with UpWork?”. Today we are announcing our Series A!

11 months ago I posted on /r/startups asking What is the reason no one is competing with UpWork?.

It has been a crazy year since!

I've moved to SF.

I met my co-founder during COVID.

When we realized that our goals were aligned we've committed to building this together.

From there on we'd meet every morning, share breakfast, brainstorm on the whiteboard (very old school I know), work together, & take long walks way past sunset.

Our friendship grew stronger and so did our conviction about the size of the opportunity.

And once we realized how big this thing could be, we started recruiting our engineers, designers, community team, … all around the idea of giving everyone the freedom and opportunity to work independently.

We've hired a ton of extraordinarily talented & caring people. We've raised our pre-seed, seed and series A. We've are building an amazing product using an amazing technology stack.

Our platform is called Contra, and today we are sharing the first preview on ProductHunt. With today’s release, we are giving people the tools to describe their proudest career moments, publicly thank the people with whom they’ve worked with, and begin accepting inquiries for future opportunities.

This is the first Contra drop of many that will shape the new prfessional ntwork for your independent journey. A zero commission alternative to the existing freelancing platforms.

Today I am the happiest I've ever been, working with the greatest team in the world, solving a problem I deeply care about. We just had our (mostly remote) launch party, and I just wanted to share this excitement with /r/startups and encourage everyone to never give up if you are truly convinced about something. 😊

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