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Currently I work a large new home builder. For the sake of security I’ll leave the name out of it. I have currently hit my cap on salary after 3 years of employment. They do offer decent benefits and tough to hit bonuses. The company has instituted many changes that I don’t agree with and will add to my workload. I’ve been passed up several times for a promotion for less successful builder than myself (I currently build their most difficult line of multi family homes).

A friend of mine that worked for the same company split off and started his own company doing renovations and will be getting into both residential and commercial building in general. He contacted me this week asking if I’d be open to a conversation about working for him. He has been in business for about 6 months and the business is really taking off. He reached out to me because we know each other pretty well and would like to bring me on as his “second in command.” He said he needed help to keep up with growth. No large overhead that I am aware of and I know this individual to be an intelligent and genuine person.

Nitty gritty: Came in on salary about 4K lower than current employer and not as much vacation time. Bonus potential with potential profit sharing is present with new company. New job may require a few more hours a week but will offer good flexibility and working from home as a base of operations. (Not rushing to get office space).

I’m stuck because I have a family and just want to make the best decision possible. I have much more to learn at the new company and am starting salary at the higher end of the salary range of the old company. Heart says yes to new job, fear says stay with current company (more security).

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