Dealing with budget depression (and personal)

For about 5 years I've had a business idea and have done market research, crunched the numbers, did a feasibility study, and looked at market trends. Looking at a convergence of technologies coming up along with a depression from the 'old guard' and it's time to execute, however, I have a bare cupboard to look at (not literally).

It's a hardware play, and an overall MVP is looking around $ 30k…right at the time that I need a new vehicle (repairs cost more than worth), and a house that I purchased needs a new roof. I can come up with all the paperwork in the world for a business loan, however, after buying a new vehicle and spending the remainder of a budget for a roof that leaves close to $ 0 for any needed fees.

As planned all the budget I have had over the years has been spent on equipment to get up and running, so now I just need to purchase materials, but they're expensive materials.

So daily I plan, and get further into a depression on the fact that I might be late to market, beat by a competitor, or just not be able to do this. Has anyone encountered this? How do I pick my head up? I actually talked to my wife about it and said "maybe I should give up". It sucks. I don't suffer from depression, but this almost seems insurmountable.

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