Crew Me Up Transforms How the Entertainment Industry Hires Crew Members

The entertainment industry is characterized by its long-hours and unpredictability with crew members’ availability subject to constant change. This makes it difficult for production to staff properly and efficiently. Crew Me Up is the database of filmmakers that adds structure to and centralizes the crew member hiring process, also making it easy for film professionals to expand their networks and explore job opportunities. The free service allows professionals to set up a profile that contains a link to a website, resume, and/or IMDB page to verify credibility. Employers are able to search availability in real-time through the database. AlleyWatch caught up with CEO and Cofounder Joshua Friedman to learn more about the marketplace, how the pain points he experienced working in the entertainment industry since 2007  led to the launch of Crew Me Up, the experience navigating the pandemic when much of the entertainment industry was shut down, and much, much more…

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