Need to sell software licenses, looking to outsource this part.

So basically I have a desktop app. There's a demo version, and a paid version.

Having the paid version means to buy a software key, introducing it in the software, which validates it against a server.

I could build this part but I don't really want to do it. Also all the billing, taxes and stuff… just too boring and time consuming.

I've seen Gumroad offers a service to manage it, but I'm based in the EU and it has no bank deposit to EU banks, only paypal (which is a problem), and I see no payment options for customers outside the west. VISA, Mastercad, the usual stuff.

I've contacted FastSpring, they didn't reply yet, but they are not transparent with pricing which puts me off a little.

Does anyone here experience with this? I really want to avoid setting up my own bloated ecommerce and spend time managing it. I want time for developing and marketing.

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