I created a community of business founders where you can share your unique strategies, as well as get an advice from the people of your niche

I have just founded a place where there will be the opportunity to regularly discuss business ideas, icluding startups, how and in what area it is best to implement them. There will be appearing really useful tools soon, and the participation is free.

On the Russian segment I already have about 920 members, and their number is constantly growing. I decided to start the same activities in the foreign segment because my goal is to create a truly universal community where everyone could share their unique experience, as well as learn something new. Since business is constantly changing (due to Covid, too), the expansion of networks is now truly important. So be free to establish new connections here!

Appreciate any feedback or content to be added in. First of all, you can write about yourself and introduce the niche you work in. Yes, you can! I'll be waiting for it.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

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