Could someone from Silicon Valley steal my idea?

How probable is someone from Silicon Valley stealing my idea?

I live in a Third World country and I created an innovative idea but I’ve been watching analytics and I am seeing people from San Jose,Vista, Menlo Park,Santa Clara ,Los Angeles ,San Diego ,San Francisco, Aliso Viejo ,Castro Valley, Livermore, Mountain View, Napa, Oxnard, Pine grove ,Rancho Palos Verdes , San Leandro ,Stockton ,Upland , florence-graham.

I don’t know how They know about my website because I am not paying marketing and they are looking at my website should I will be worried if they steal my idea I don’t have much money and nobody has contacted me, but a lot of people have entered in my website from my country I think it’s a good idea but I am worried now I don’t want someone else to develop this in USA with me being part of.

Also other 75 countries have entered in my website

My website It’s working but i don’t know how or why so many countries have accessed it.

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