Advice regarding fundraising for a young founder (19 y/o)

Hi! I’m the head of an early-stage (MVP) startup in the cannabis industry and I’m 19 years old.

After running my own small local business for 2 years (35000$ annual revenue part time + 3 contractual employees from only 300$ in initial capital) in the vape industry, I decided to make the jump to the startup ecosystem. After a lot of research and interviews, we stumbled upon a big problem that is severely unaddressed and we found an innovative way to solve it. Massive interest from the market so far, many LOIs + more solid traction (100+ wanting to preorder without any advertising).

Even though we are 2 founders (3 soon) and my partner is 29 y/o, I’m the CEO and the one that will pitch investors for our seed round. I have solid knowledge of how to run a business (personal experience + family) but I fear that investors will doubt me because of my age.

What advice would you give me to reassure potential investors? Will my age severely affect our chances to raise money?

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