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Hello, I’m looking to raise a F&F round of $ 50k. I have 4 people in at $ 10k, $ 15k, $ 5k & $ 5k respectively so far. But I just found out something:

You have to have $ 1M net worth or an annual salary of $ 200k for the past 2 years to be accredited. Non-accredited investors may invest – but only up to $ 2k.

Is this still the case? Only one of the people that are in would be considered “accredited”. Does this mean that the other 3 people can only put in 2k?

Also, I am looking for a co founder. I am a technical founder and have built the entire mobile application and am running beta at the moment. We are a few weeks out from launching on the App Store. Where is the best place to find a co founder?


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