Before you think of hiring someone or building new tech – perfect the manual processes first.

Short background: I'm an early stage tech founder in a B2B startup. Last July, my cofounder and I received two angel investments, immediately we thought we would put it to good use by hiring more people and letting some "smart" friends join the founding team. Our startup went from 2 people to 17 in ~45 days. Yes, clearly a bad idea but it wasn't apparent to us at that time. After all, More people = More work done. Right?

More people ≠ More work ; More work undone = Less feedback ; Less feedback = Confused development


  • There's value in letting everyone share their opinions but BE CAREFUL not to be too consensus-oriented. Most likely, YOU – the founder(s) – KNOW YOUR PRODUCT BETTER.
  • Someone suggests a "new" framework to do something every week. Someone thinks they can build a better CRM, a better program, a better way to track bugs, etc.

What you ought to do

  1. Employ formal decision-making systems. Have someone be in charge of product, sales, engineering, etc.
  2. Perfect your CRM, your development cycles, your semi-automatic processes that you claim are AI or whatever but haven't built yet since MVP. Don't optimise solutions or build tech to human problems you don't completely understand.
  3. Chant it all with me: build, measure, learn. Everyone knows that but it's much harder to follow than people think. Take your time in perfecting this when you're starting. Have the discipline to properly report your metrics, make sure everyone knows what their tasks are and when they're due. Don't just jump from one great idea to the next every week thinking it'll make you an overnight success.

Perfect the manual processes first.

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