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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my post :).

I work at a small, family run timber merchants in the south coast of the uk. We sell wood in all sizes and types. Some huge constructional timbers and sheet materials too.

We have a shopify store that we use to run our store from and accept orders manage stock etc. We are growing our customer base and processes steadily, despite winter coming. However we keep circling back to the same problem. Charging rates that make sense for delivery, that work for us.

Currently we deliver to our entire county for free on all orders over £50. As soon as we made this change, our orders were never below £50 as they all want free delivery. Yet this means delivering 40+ miles for a £50 order. Yes we have the flexibility to deliver to further out areas on the same day however this isn't working for us long term.

Shopify can solve this problem for us by having us upgrade 2-3x our subscription in order to access their shipping checker. As I said previously, we are a small business, and cashflow is everything. Meaning upgrading our plan is not an option.

We can't use couriers as they charge too much (or our products weigh too much), and we pay for a flatbed truck every month.

We need a system that covers all the bases so that people do not select the wrong option in order to save money or have it delivered sooner. Before we did free delivery county-wide we would be constantly contacting people to pay the correct delivery charge.

Our current options: 2-4 days delivery FREE, 3-5 days delivery 35+ miles away £35, 2-4 days under £50 order £20 charge; and we can deliver further out upon request for large orders.

Does anyone have any advice as to how we can charge fairly for deliveries? All suggestions welcome despite feeling like we've exhausted every option.


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