Starting a project. Looking for a partner or doing it myself?

I'm tech guy and I work as backend and frontend developer. I'd like to start a small side project which will rely on backend implementation and iOS app (since only iOS allows such feature, Android doesn't yet). It's very small project, it can be done probably within a month.

Backend, obviously, is not an issue, app is. I have following options:

  1. Learn iOS app development. So I need to buy Mac, learn swift and iOS in general, spend months learning it and build ingit
  2. Use React Native to build an app. This might work, but I don't think that react native supports that core feature fully.
  3. Spend time to search for a partner. Not sure really where to find it online

What do you think would be the best option. Personally I'd like to have a partner since it's more motivating and fun to work on a project, there are different points of view, different ideas and skills.

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