Always Have Skin In the Game

So, a few months back a friend and I were discussing a solution to a problem that we saw. We felt that it was really cool, and competitors hadn’t executed well at all. My friend had asked me to be a co founder because I am a software engineer. I was essentially in charge of creating the project, and he was in charge of marketing.

Fast forward a month and a half, I had completed our mobile app, our website, our databases, etc. I was ready to launch. I was excited, and was busting my ass to get this product to market, despite working and being in school. I was easily doing 13 hours a day of work , nearly every day of the week. I had assumed that he was marketing it, as he had told me that he was getting good metrics on email. We were getting insane metrics whenever I did marketing myself at the beginning, so I felt as though I had no reason not to believe this.

After about a week of nothing, I called him and asked why we weren’t getting any feedback from… anyone. As in, we didn’t even have a single lead. This was confusing because we had 100 users fill out applications to join our platform in our first two days when I launched a $ 100 marketing campaign.

He tells me that he’s no longer interested, and that he doesn’t feel passionate about it anymore. This was a major blow, because he was a really good friend that I had known since high school. Then he asked me to make his other idea for him, for free obviously as a CTO.

Lesson learned: Never partner with ANYONE that doesn’t have skin in the game. Whether that he time, money, or both.

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