Business Start-up Downtime – Feedback Please

Hello everyone,

I am hoping to get some guidance from people who may have been going through a similar situation as I am.

I got laid off from my job in O&G in April due to Covid-19, this wasn't ideal, but it gave me time to work on a business idea that I had had.

Since launching in July we have taken the company from online sales, into over 50 retail locations across 4 provinces; and we still have great growth prospects (projecting 70 stores by EOY). Based on reorders alone we are generating about $ 50,000/quarter in revenue. The sales process getting the product into the retail locations takes about 2-4 weeks depending on size, scale, and location.

I am finding that I have quite a bit of down time between production, and sales. Is this normal? I always hear about new business owners putting in 100 hour work weeks but I am putting in nowhere close to this number. How do I manage this downtime? How do you manage the downtime in your business? I would love to hear any feedback.


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