Working 10h per day for clients and developing startups after hours – do I want to kill myself? What should I do?

Hello guys, I have been developing own projects for 5 years. None of them become profitable yet. I went away from job for 9 months recently to develop one idea which I believed in. Failed.

Now I went to 2x better paid full time job B2B (8 hours a day) and found client for 2 hours a day also B2B where I have got 3x better hourly rate than the first client. I am remote PM.

So, this is amazing cash for me since I was earning 3x less but I feel tired working 7am to 5pm and trying to develop my startups. I feel like it does not give any long term value for me. For my startups for sure. I feel like I should focus on getting investors maybe for my startups, keep fulltime job (boss is amazing businessman, I learn a lot from him) and dump 2h job since the boss become pain in the ass and I am tired. He requires a lot.

Good money is great but my gut tells me to develop startups and does not count on short time earnings…

What do you think? I would appreciate, thanks.

What should I do?

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