Barcelona-based TravelPerk launches new API to ensure safe travel during COVID times


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted literally every industry and altered various aspects of lives. With millions of vacation/businesses canceled, famous attractions closed, and airlines facing losses, the tourism industry took a severe beating. 

The return of both business and leisure travel has been complicated by the uncertainty surrounding where individuals can travel to and under what circumstances. 

Uncertainty and change in travel rules cause confusion

As the restrictions are easing around the globe, numerous individuals might be eager to get out of their nest. But, the guidance and travel restrictions governing travel between specific countries and regions are changing on a weekly basis, causing real confusion and anxiety among travelers.

If you’ve been looking forward to a trip, but equally apprehensive regarding the risks and restrictions involved. TravelPerk‘s new TravelSafe API might be of some help. 

TravelSafe for safe travels

Recently, TravelPerk, a business travel management platform, launched the company’s first standalone service, TravelSafe API. 

Based out of Barcelona, the company’s API allows any travel provider to supply its customers with real-time insights on COVID-19 travel restrictions, including point-to-point travel information, travel documents, local transmission levels, local guidelines, airline safety measures, and more.

The API is powered by the company’s own data and technology following the acquisition of risk management startup Albatross earlier this year.

Up to date information to keep users informed 

Further, the API allows travel providers to integrate the latest information on the rules and guidelines that apply to travel between locations within an existing booking journey or customer interface, to keep users informed. 

As per the company, information is gathered from official sources and local government websites and cross-referenced by customer care agents, who are often the first to see changes in restrictions. 

The service uses real-time analysis of the reproductive rate of the epidemic (R0) to assess risk levels in all countries and also includes information on local guidelines at a regional level, including whether masks are required and up to date social distancing guidelines, as well as the latest airline safety measures.

These above mentioned  data are then delivered through the TravelSafe API in a user-friendly way. Right now, the API platform is available as a monthly subscription service to all of its clients, with no need for inflexible multi-year contracts. 

Raised €113M to date

Founded by Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, and Ron Levin in 2015, TravelPerk raised $ 133.2M (approx €113M) from various investors like Kinnevik, Target Global, Felix Capital, Spark Capital, and more.

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