[ADVICE] Tech co-founder quit but we got accepted to Y Combinator W21 final interview. Need help!

Hi, I need some advice on navigating tough setbacks.

Our B2B SaaS startup got accepted to the YC W21 final interview in Dec but my tech co-founder decided to quit not long ago due to work visa issues. There's a lot of things we planned to accomplish by the interview date that's now unlikely. The tech isn't in any usable condition and I'm scrambling to find another CTO cofounder to get development back on track. The back-up plan is to hire a freelancer to complete a usable UI and get it in front of our customers ASAP (startup is post-revenue with 6 customers). I feel that sales and growth might just have to take a back-seat until I find someone to fill my missing half in the meantime. Thoughts? Any feedback on strategy? 😬

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