Should I ask for equity and if yes, how much?

I have an interview coming up for a company for an intermediate level position. It seems like there are only around 15 employees so far and they're advertising for 3 more.

I can't see any information about funding on their angel .co page (only that they were founded in 2019) so it isn't clear whether they have received funding, if they're in the process or if it is being built with no external investors.

The job description says no equity & 30-35k for the position I'm applying for. The two other roles (more senior positions) are being offered a salary and .5% – 1.5% equity.

My question is: if it turns out that I'm a good fit, should I ask for equity and how do I/what questions should I ask to determine how much?

note: I'm new to this sub. If I haven't put the correct flair, please let me know

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