What if I can build a Search Engine for business! No data will be lost! Refer back to all information at any time whenever you want. No more asking different departments for your answers. Imagine Google for your enterprise.

Hey guys,

I am running a startup and I often find my team often asks me questions that I have no answer too. Although we discussed on the topics earlier. I feel that we loose valuable data over time and we have no way to store it.

So, what if we build a system where all meeting details will be captured and then we can go through at any point of time and then build our own organisational Google.

As, I am already running a text-analytics company I thought it can be done easily. So, here goes my wild imagination.

  1. Create a BOT that will join all the meeting platforms and record the meetings.
  2. Store the meeting data and retrive information, use NLP and AI to categorise the data.

So do this, we have build the first version of the product –

  1. An AI-BOT that joins all the meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams.
  2. Action Items + Summary + Highlights + Decision Points + Questions + Metrics
  3. Full-Transcript + Speaker information.
  4. Meeting notes share functionality with others.

This also servers as a personal NOTE taker. And I personally feel with this, we can save 30% of our daily work time.

Eventually we can use this data as a Google for enterprises, do data will be lost and you can always refer back to all your information. In the future, we can build a search engine for your enterprise.

If want to check out the first version of the application here is the link – www.rechord.ai

We are in BETA, so if please excuse us if you will encounter any problem.

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