Large competitor with a 40 person engineering team that copies every unique feature that you push out – how do you compete?

Let's say you're a small (one or two person) startup, and you decided to offer something unique in a specific space.

The moment your unique feature proves to be useful, your competitor copies it. It only takes them a few weeks since they have 20x the resources that you do.

Now they don't just offer the same unique functionality as you do, but they also have a more polished product.

Is the solution here to compete on price? You developed this feature at 1/20th the expenses of the competitor. Because you don't have this huge amount of people on your payroll, you can charge less.

Or is the solution to stick to unique features that cannot easily be copied? Like if you magically found a unique set of training data that allowed your ML model to be vastly superior – and your competitor's team of 40 ML PhD's for some reason cannot replicate it on their own.

What are your thoughts on this problem?

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