Got our first 50 customers in 3 months whats do I do next?

Even with coronavirus in the past three months we have manage to get those 50 customers and we are going really well but I’m trying to work out what to do next?

The previous initial stage was just focused on generating customers and being reactive to each day but now I want to be proactive on how to plan and build for the business to succeed? Business is set up for scalability once we start making a positive contribution margin per customer although at the moment our process is very manual.

I can’t post specifics on here because my boss may see them I am running start up and he is working on it part time and has a full-time job. It is incredibly frustrating working with the owner as he doesn’t see the work I have done to make it successful as he just assumes it just happened naturally

How can I show him the work I have done which is making it successful?

How can I make him more accountable and keep him on track doing what he says he will? How can I get him to being so focused on each days number of sales and looking longer term?

The business model isn’t normal customer pays for good or service. The customer signs up with us and each a commission from it and than we provide a service to them.

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