What does a non-technical cofounder need to bring to the table in order to move from “idea guy” to “legit potential partner”

I'm thinking in the context of a bootstrapped startup, here.

I'm actually pretty technical – I'm just not a hacker, in the code sense. I won't go into the details of what I'm looking to do as I'm not really looking to solicit a cofounder at this point, I just really want to know exactly what a talented and maybe hungry tech-side cofounder would want to see (beside a huge pile of money) in order to be enticed to join a project.

Are there any specific things you're looking for, or red flags you're looking to avoid?

Does a "non-technical" cofounder actually having technical chops help with this relationship?

When it comes time to look out for someone, again, I don't want to be the "idea guy", I want to bring my best to the table.


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